How to save your progress

Being able to save your progress is pretty much essential in any modern game. These days, stories can go on well beyond 20 hours and it’s unlikely you’re going to want to work through all that in one sit. As expected, Atomic Heart does have a save mechanic but it isn’t as obvious as with some other games. This is our guide on how to save your progress in Atomic Heart.

How to save your progress in Atomic Heart

You wouldn’t think that saving your progress would be an especially difficult task. In most games, you just open the main menu, hit save, and you’re done. However, this isn’t true of all games. Some games that want to offer a more challenging experience will limit when and where you can save.

To save your progress in Atomic Heart, you’ll need to locate a safe room. Safe rooms can be found throughout your journey and all share a few features. In a safe room, you can find some free loot in a nearby chest, a computer to upgrade your equipment, and a save point. These save points can be found directly in the middle of any safe room.

The interior of a safe room. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Save points are not necessarily exclusive to safe rooms though. If you need to head off and are wondering how to save in Atomic Heart while nowhere near a safe room, there might still be an option. Some save points spawn in key areas outside of safe rooms, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Although manually saving at a save point is worth doing, you won’t lose all of your progress if you don’t use them. Atomic Heart also uses an autosave mechanic that will automatically save your progress. Completing most story events and defeating notable enemies will usually trigger an autosave.

Atomic Heart can be purchased on Steam.

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