Dead by Daylight Mobile opens for pre-registration ahead of the Next Era of Horr

NetEase and Behaviour Interactive have launched a pre-registration event for Dead by Daylight Mobile’s upcoming The Next Era of Horror update, due for release on March 15.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game which pits a team of four survivors against a sole killer. The game has become a cross-platform hit, in part due to the leveraging of existing IPs such as Hellraiser, Resident Evil, and Stranger Things. The mobile version alone has earned more than 28 million unique downloads in iOS and Android since launch, with Appmagic data showing that it has consistently been among the five top grossing horror games on mobile devices since its release.

The new update includes dynamic shading and lighting, physics for hair and clothing, as well as other graphical improvements. The game will also implement improvements to the controls, bug fixes, and quality-of-life updates.

The game is also introducing various features to bring the gameplay loop closer to the console and PC versions, including the introduction of The Rift, a season pass which allows players to earn new cosmetics and in-game currencies. Players who pre register for the event will also receive an exclusive cosmetic for the character Feng Min.

See you in the fog

As well as bringing the Dead by Daylight Mobile experience closer in-line with the console and PC versions, the game is introducing several features which are exclusive to the mobile release.

The mobile version already includes several features unavailable on other platforms, including exclusive moris (kill animations) and cosmetics. The Next Era of Horror will also introduce seasonal leaderboards as part of the newly updated ranking system, as well as in-game global and private chat, whereas players on other platforms are reliant on third-party chat systems such as PlayStation Chat or Discord.

While the game has no doubt been a success across platforms, the mobile version does feature several notable omissions, including several playable characters. However, the new update suggests that the developers are working hard to make the mobile game more attractive to both mobile gamers and established fans.

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