Rumour: New Switch Bundle Featuring Mario Movie Bonus Supposedly Launching “Soon”

Image: Gemma Smith / Nintendo Life

If you’re wondering if the Super Mario Bros. Movie will have any products released alongside it, there might be a special deal making its way to Europe.

According to the gaming and tech deals Twitter account billbil-kun, there will be a new Nintendo Switch bundle launching on 10th March in France for 269€. It will feature a red Switch console, a digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey, and apparently “something” related to the upcoming Mario Movie.

10th March lines up with Mario Day, and while this is believed to be a “new” bundle, the red Switch is an existing model. As for what the mystery Mario Movie item could be, one theory is something is movie vouchers. Miyamoto recently said there were no major announcements to make regarding the next Mario game, but the company is “always” working on its iconic mascot.

On a related note, rumours have also resurfaced about the release of a Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch.

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