Shindo Life – Beginner’s Guide: How to Play, Objective, Etc.

New players of Shindo Life can be overwhelmed by the game when they first set foot in the game.

At the beginning of the game, you do not have any abilities besides your fists, and it can be confusing as to what you need to do.

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In this beginner’s guide, we cover everything you need to know as a new player in Shindo Life, from how to play to what your objective is.

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What is Shindo Life?

Shindo Life is a ninja Roblox game that draws inspiration from the Naruto anime.

In the game, you play a ninja character that fights enemies, completes missions, finds and unlocks items and abilities, and becomes stronger.

The game consists of many separate locations, including both general areas and villages, all of which are large in size. The player can roam around freely within these locations, but you have to teleport between these locations.

Shindo Life is made by the developer RELL World, which consists of two brothers making games together.

At the time of writing, Shindo Life has an average of 10-15 thousand concurrent players, with that number reaching upwards of 30-50 thousand concurrent players on days when the game is updated.

The game is often within the top 20 of top-earning games on Roblox.

What is the goal/objective of Shindo Life?

Like any MMORPG, there is no specific goal or objective of Shindo Life, as the game does not have a specific end.

Instead, the general objective for players is to progress in the game by leveling up, acquiring new abilities and items, and ranking up, thus becoming stronger.

As you become stronger in the game, you can take on tougher bosses and enemies, as well as better players in PvP.

Many players’ goal in the game after acquiring some of the best bloodlines, modes, and items in the game is to reach the highest rank in the game, which requires you to grind levels for a long time.

How to play Shindo Life

In Shindo Life, you control your character in third-person (or first-person if you zoom all the way in) and have several movement-related controls as well as attack-related controls.

The basic movement controls on desktop are WASD for movement, mouse for changing the POV, “Space” for jump, “Space” twice for double jump, “X” for dash/flip (use while in the air after jumping or on the ground), double-click “W” for additional dash (can be used both on the ground and in the air), and hold “Shift” for sprinting.

The basic attack controls on desktop are left-mouse click for basic attacks (known as M1s), right-mouse click hold for blocking, hold “C” to regenerate Chi, hold “Z” or “C” to activate mode (C requires full Chi), “Q” for Q-spec attack, “E” for throwable, and then R, T, Y, F, G, H, 1, 2, 3 for bloodline, subjutsu, and element moves (you won’t have any of these at the start of the game).

C-spec and Z-spec moves are special abilities that you first unlock when you acquire certain modes – they are used by first blocking and then clicking either “C” or “Z”, depending on whether the mode is a C or Z mode.

Now that you know the controls, you play the game by going around the various villages and areas of the game, defeating enemies by using your various attacks, and avoiding large attacks by enemies by using your movement controls and block.

As you level up in the game, you receive stat points, which you can spend in the menu. To open the menu, click “M” on your keyboard and go to the “Stats” tab. Learn everything you need about stats in our Shindo Life stats guide.

After getting familiar with the controls, your goal is now to level up your character and acquire new abilities and moves, which are explained below.

How to level up

To level up in Shindo Life, you need to acquire enough experience to reach the next level, which you can do by damaging enemies or training logs, completing quests, defeating bosses, or through auto-training.

Right when you start playing the game, hitting training logs inside the Ember village, the village you start in, is the easiest way to level up.

Once you’ve leveled up a bit, you should start doing quests, which you start by talking to NPCs with a green scroll above their head.

You can start taking on bosses when you’ve become quite strong in the game.

If you are not planning to play for some time, you can passively gain XP by going to your apartment in the game or by sitting at an auto-training stone in Shikai Forest.

We recommend checking out our Shindo Life leveling guide for more details on how to level up quickly in the game.

How to get abilities

At the beginning of the game, you do not have any moves or abilities besides your m1 and q-spec attack using your fists.

As Shindo Life is all about being a powerful ninja with strong moves, it’s understandable that you want to get some abilities, known as moves, in the game.

There are several ways to get moves in Shindo Life – the primary being from your bloodlines. You can also get moves from your element, from sub-abilities you obtain in the game, mode, kenjutsu, and weapons.

While there are several sources of new moves in the game, the two that you’re going to get most from at the start of the game are bloodlines and elements, as they don’t require you to find and obtain an item in the game.

You can get elements and bloodlines by going to the “Edit” tab on the main game selection menu – not the one inside the game. Getting a new element or bloodline costs spins.

After acquiring an element or a bloodline, you can start leveling it up in the game by doing the same things as you would for leveling up your character.

Generally, you do not need to level up an element as much as a bloodline to unlock its abilities.

Check out our guide on how to get moves in Shindo Life to learn more.

How to travel around

When you start playing Shindo Life, you’ll spawn in the Ember village, but that is just one of many villages.

While most activities throughout the game related to leveling and ranking up take place in Ember village, you might want to experience the other villages and areas at some point.

Especially if you want to take on bosses, you’ll have to go to several different locations.

You cannot walk from one village or area to another. You can only get to another location by teleporting.

To teleport to another location, open the game menu by pressing “M”, select the “Travel” tab, select the location you wish to go to, and click “TELEPORT” under “Select Location”. Get more details in our guide on how to travel around in Shindo Life.

After teleporting to another location, you can freely roam around within that location, just like you can in Ember.

In case you wish to join a private server for a specific location instead of a public server, check out our complete private server codes list for Shindo Life.

You can use private servers to find items that spawn in the game or if you want to play without a lot of other players around.

That’s everything you need to know as a new player of Shindo Life!

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