Tekken 8 trailer showcases some vicious strikes from character Kazuya

Another gameplay trailer has been released for Tekken 8, this time focusing on Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya has been a staple character in nearly every entry of the Tekken franchise. And since the very first trailer for Tekken 8, we’ve all wanted to see more of him in action. Luckily, it looks like Kazuya is just as strong as ever.

Kazuya is one of the easier characters to learn in Tekken. Most of his best moves are quick to understand, and he’s a ton of fun to use. In Tekken 7, he wasn’t necessarily the best fighter in the game. He was often outclassed by characters like Akuma, Jin, and newcomers such as Leroy. We won’t know how good Kazuya really is until a few of the pros try him out. But judging from Tekken 8‘s new trailer, Kazuya’s still got plenty of his usual move set, with some additions.

Kazuya still looks like a powerhouse in Tekken 8

Usually, Kazuya is all about power, just like other characters who use the Mishima style. His attacks seem to pack even more of a visual punch this time around, though. And the visual upgrades featured in Tekken 8 make this more apparent than ever. His attacks can send the opponent flying upward or backward with ease, and the way that the stage reacts to this looks great. As always, Kazuya is a character that combines speed with raw strength.

Image via Bandai Namco

What’s more interesting is that a lot of Kazuya’s combos seem to be a bit different in Tekken 8. One combo string now ends with Kazuya emitting a quick laser blast. His devil form also looks a bit different. The assumption is that it can be triggered using Tekken 8‘s new Heat Burst mechanic. The devil form has never looked as strong as it does here, so it’ll be interesting to see how it further sets Kazuya apart from the rest of the cast.

The Tekken 8 trailer caps off with a look at Kazuya’s new Rage Art. Just like the attack from Tekken 7, Kazuya assumes his devil form and uses his laser beam to send his foe upward. He then slams them back to the ground and finished them off with a kick that obliterates the nearby area. It’s a lot more impressive than his Rage Art from Tekken 7, that’s for sure.

The previous character trailer for Tekken 8 centered on Nina Williams. And just like Kazuya, she’s a longtime member of the roster who’s had a few changes going into Tekken 8.

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