American Girl now has ‘historical dolls’ for the 90s, because you’re old

The newest historical characters from American Girl mark a first for the iconic toy line — they’re twins! Also, more importantly, they’re historical characters from the year 1999. Yes, you read that right. And yes, if you’re groaning over this, it’s true, you are old. But don’t worry about what it might mean if your childhood memories are now historical moments for young children to read about. Instead, focus on the fact that these new American Girl dolls have wee little Tamagotchis!

Isabel and Nicki Hoffman live in Seattle in 1999. Isabel is more of a prep, and she likes the Spice Girls and party planning, while Nicki is a skater girl who likes grunge and is afraid of the Y2K bug. This duo gives me serious Mary-Kate and Ashley vibes. Their whole story is about finding girl power and confidence in different areas of their lives, while celebrating the new millennium.

They are also the most meta dolls yet. Previously, American Girl dabbled in the historical era of the late 20th century with Courtney, the 1980s gamer girl who just happened to own an original Molly American Girl Doll. Isabel and Nicki, meanwhile, read American Girl books for their Pizza Hut Book-It! program, play American Girl games on their computer, collect American Girl Mini Grin Pins, and read the American Girl magazine!

You can read more about Nicki and Isabel on the official American Girl website. The dolls and all their accessories are also available online. Browse through and view the 1990s in miniature toy form. Sure, that might make you feel old, but isn’t it adorable?

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