Shindo Life – How to AFK Farm

If you wish to reach the highest ranks in Shindo Life and want to max out several bloodlines, modes, and elements, you might want to do some AFK farming from time to time.

By AFK farming, also known as auto farming, your character can automatically gain XP for you without you needing to do anything, though far from as fast as if you were playing actively.

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To AFK farm in Shindo Life, you can either use the in-game “!autoclick on” command, sit on a training hill in Shikai Forest, or sit in your apartment to gain AFK rewards.

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How to AFK farm in Shindo Life

These are the different ways to AFK farm in Shindo Life:

  • Use the auto-clicker command
  • Sit on a training hill in Shikai Forest
  • Sit in your apartment for AFK rewards

While all of the methods above are ways of auto-farming passively without you needing to do anything, they do not give the same rewards. So, check out the following explanations to see which one matches what you wish to AFK farm.

Use the auto-clicker command

Using the in-game auto-clicker command allows you to continuously use your m1 attack against a training log. This gives your character XP for your character level, bloodlines, mode spirits, kenjutsu, and elements.

To start this AFK farming method, go to a training log in a village and type in the command “!autoclick on” in the chat. Your character will now start using its m1 attacks continuously. earning you XP.

You can turn off the auto-clicker feature by typing “!autoclick off” in the chat.

While this method does auto-click for you through a command in the game, you can still get disconnected from Roblox after 20 minutes for being idle, as you do not actually press anything even though your character is attacking.

To prevent you from being disconnected after 20 minutes, you need to use third-party auto-clicker software. If you get one of those, the method works the same way, just stand in front of a training log and start the auto-clicker program. Then you won’t be disconnected after 20 minutes either, as your computer or phone is actually clicking.

Sit on a training hill in Shikai Forest

In the Shikai Forest location of Shindo Life, there are special training hills you can sit on to passively earn XP through meditation.

The XP you earn from meditating on these hills increases both your character level and levels for bloodlines, elements, kenjutsu, and mode spirits.

The hills are located inside the smaller ponds next to the large pond where the boss Gary Slug spawns.

Like with the auto-clicker method, you will disconnect after 20 minutes of sitting on a hill if you do not move or click in the game. Therefore, to use this method for more than 20 minutes, you need to use an auto-clicker program that occasionally clicks somewhere. It could, for example, just be clicking to open and close the chat.

Sit in your apartment for AFK rewards

The last way to AFK farm in Shindo Life is to sit in your apartment, which earns you AFK rewards.

Unlike the other two AFK farming methods, sitting in your apartment to earn AFK rewards does not give you XP, but rather spins and RYO. So, if you want to farm RYO and spins instead of XP, you should use this method.

To earn AFK rewards in your apartment, go to the main game menu, choose “Game Modes”, then choose “[MY-HOME]”, and go sit in any chair or lay down on the bed. You will then start to earn AFK rewards.

You can see on the left side how long is left till you get your next batch of spins and RYO. Every 600 seconds (10 minutes), you earn 30k RYO and 1 spin. To claim the currently earned rewards, click “[CLAIM REWARDS]”.

If you have the Spin Storage gamepass, you get 2x the spins from AFK rewards, and if you join the RELL Games group on Roblox, you get 2x RYO as well.

With 2x RYO from joining the RELL Games group, you get 60k RYO every 10 minutes, which equals 360k RYO per hour. If you were to farm these AFK rewards overnight (8 hours), you would earn 2.88 million RYO.

For the two first methods, you should also join the RELL Games group on Roblox, as it not only gives you 2x RYO but also 2x XP.

Just like with the other 2 methods, you will disconnect from Roblox for being idle after 20 minutes of farming AFK rewards unless you use an auto-clicker to click somewhere on the screen continuously, like opening and closing the chat.

If you want to level up the fastest in Shindo Life, you should play the game actively yourself, as that will yield far more XP faster.

That’s how to AFK farm in Shindo Life!

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