Best PS5 Controllers In 2023

Though the DualSense Edge will be the best pick for those who already love the look, feel, and features found on the DualSense, PDP’s Victrix Pro BFG is an incredible option, too. It’s our top pick in the pro-style market for those who prefer the Xbox-style form factor and offset sticks–though, as you’ll learn, the Victrix Pro BFG’s layout can be altered on the fly.

The Victrix Pro BFG is a modular controller, which gives it more customization features than the DualSense Edge. You can quickly unscrew the faceplate that covers the controls and swap out accessories. By default, the BFG has offset sticks, but you can switch them to be aligned. It comes with two extra thumbsticks–one tall, one short–and three D-pads. Each D-pad is unique: a solid-body square D-pad to promote fast inputs, an eight-directional pad, and a traditional D-pad. You can also swap the right analog stick and face buttons for a fight-pad module. The six-button panel has a nice, clicky feel to it–much like a mouse.

In addition to the modular adjustments, there are four built-in back triggers that feel great, a rubberized grip, and clutch triggers. The R2 and L2 triggers can be locked at five different spots that shorten trigger pulls. The BFG stores up to three custom profiles, and the back triggers can be remapped on the fly without needing an app.

The BFG can be used wirelessly with the included dongle (roughly 20 hours of battery life) or wired when connected to the braided USB-C cord. A switch on the top of the controller lets you swap between PS5, PS4, and PC profiles.

As impressive as it is, there are a few downsides to the BFG. Though it’s officially licensed, that doesn’t mean it has all of the features found in the DualSense. You’re missing out on adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and the internal speaker. The lack of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback might be major losses for some, as many of PlayStation’s first-party games make great use of this tech.

The Victrix Pro BFG costs $180, so it’s slightly cheaper than the DualSense Edge, though still quite pricey.

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