Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle joins forces with Games Forest Club to reduce the

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle is approaching in just a few months, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you the amazing partners our conference is proudly supporting! We are once again coming together with the Games Forest Club to support their mission to the games industry towards a climate-positive future by 2030 by reducing the carbon footprint associated with conference travel.

We previously partnered with this incredible organisation for our last conference this January, Pocket Gamer Connects London, and the partnership was a massive success. We can’t wait to have them join us for our Seattle conference as well, and to get to continue supporting their incredible cause.

Keep on reading for more details about Games Forest Club and how you too can support a climate-positive future for the games industry!

Who are GamesForest.Club?
Games Forest Club is a non-profit organisation guiding the games industry to a climate-positive future by 2030. With data-driven and transparent reforestation and forest conservation, the GamesForest team reduces the companies’ and their players’ ecological footprint, regenerating climate and biodiversity. Innovative solutions make regeneration profitable while taking a brand on a regenerative journey.

What do GamesForest.Club do?
The Games Forest Club supports the Games and Creative Industries to actively invest in carbon absorption via planting and protecting forests. The goal is to protect and restore nature with the power of gaming and together with the good hearts and minds of our industry.

The organisation sees nature restoration as a major cornerstone to fight climate change. The latest numbers from the WWF show that we are losing 30 football fields of forests every minute. With that we are losing our biggest ally in the fight against climate change as forests absorb huge amounts of carbon. If we don’t get that problem under control, even transformations of the biggest carbon releasing industries will run into nowhere.

Climate Change is of course by far the biggest challenge humankind has ever faced; this also means that there lies the biggest heroes’ journey of our lifetimes directly in front of us. Luckily Gaming Companies know best how to design massive challenges in a way that players accept the challenge and have fun with it.

With the Games Forest Club, the engagement of the whole games industry is being covered. All restoration activities in real life are shown in the digital twin “gamesforest” to keep track playfully on the support of the games industry against climate change.

Offset your emissions with PG Connects Seattle and the Games Forest Club!
Join Games Forest Club in their mission to a climate-positive game industry by 2030! You can start reducing your carbon footprint today in as easy a step as clicking a box to support their cause when registering for your PG Connects Seattle ticket. At the end of your registration form, you will see an option to donate to this amazing cause, and can input a donation amount to directly support Games Forest Club. You can select any amount and you can then pay for it along with your ticket. This will go to help preserve a section of forest in Peru and also contribute to offsetting the event’s carbon footprint.

Already bought your ticket for Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle but want to make a donation now? No problem! Head over to this Stripe payment page for Games Forest Club and make a donation for any amount using your credit card. Every bit counts!

How much should I donate?
You can donate any amount, but if you would like an idea of what amount might affect your carbon footprint, here’s a handy guide for you.

$85 will protect around 50sqm forest in Peru, which contains up to 3000kg of carbon.

Here are some estimates to help you picture it. These are some common flights you might take (per person, per flight):

  • Seattle to San Francisco: 595 kg CO2
  • Seattle to Toronto, Canada: 2,161 kg CO2
  • Seattle to London, UK: 5,466 kg CO2

All estimates are based on scheduled flights of an average airline, premium economy class.
Seattle to San Francisco by train: 5 kg CO2 per person each way (taking the train is the environmentally friendly choice if you’re able!)

In comparison:

  • You emit 2000kg in driving an average car for a year
  • Ethiopia’s per capita yearly emissions are 560kg

Connect with the Games Forest Club in Seattle!
Representatives from this incredible team will be joining us on the ground in Seattle this May, and you can connect with them and get to know more about their plan to create a climate-positive games industry! They will have a stand in the expo floor that you can drop by to say hello and learn more about the amazing work they do. Check back for more information on the conversations they will lead at the conference closer to show time!

Buy your ticket now!
Secure your seat at our show this Spring now! We can’t wait to come back to Seattle and share with you everything we have lined up for the AI edition of our globally loved games conference. Now’s the perfect time to book your ticket as well, you can currently save up to $280 using our limited time Early Bird discount. You can use what you save to put towards supporting an amazing cause with the Games Forest Club instead! Head over to our website and book your ticket now.

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