EA wants to know if you’re interested in a Dead Space 2 or 3 remake

EA wants to know if Dead Space fans would be interested in a Dead Space 2 or 3 remake.

As spotted by the folks at ResetEra, EA is currently polling selected players to ascertain exactly how interested they would be in a “similar remake” to Motive’s excellent reimagining of the original Dead Space game.

Let’s Play Dead Space Remake – ISHIMURA THE MERRIER! Dead Space Remake PS5 gameplay.

Surprising? Not really, given the success of the first remake. But as some of the ResetEra commenters opine, Dead Space 3 may need “some changes” if it’s to reach the acclaim Dead Space Remake has achieved thus far.

“DS2 is a must, but frankly, 3 excites me even more. The setting and lore are top-notch, and 1 Remake’s writer could easily fix the shoddy characterisations and plot contrivances,” said one commenter.

Others, however, would prefer to have “a whole new game” instead.

Dead Space Remake developer Motive recently revealed how the team set about filling the “giant boots” it needed to fill in order to “honour the beloved original game whilst making technological improvements for modern audiences”.

In its sixth dev blog, this one entitled “Back to the Beginning”, senior producer Philippe Ducharme, art director Mike Yazijian, and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola reflected upon the project’s earliest days “and its iconic inspiration” to reveal how “exactly” the Dead Space remake “came into being”.

“Rather than rescuing the past, it represents a franchise reaching its tendrils backward through time to become its own progenitor. The results can be compelling, but make sure you play the 2008 game first,” Edwin wrote in Eurogamer’s Dead Space Remake review.

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