The New ‘Marvel Snap’ Update Features Card Updates and Improved Visual Effects – TouchArcade

Keeping a big card game like Marvel Snap (Free) running smoothly involves a fair bit of tweaking and on-the-fly adjustments, and that tends to translate to a rather regular update schedule even if there aren’t any major new features ready to roll out. Such is the case with the latest version of the Marvel card battler, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any interesting tidbits to be found in it. Let’s take a look, shall we?

As seems to be the usual pattern as the month comes to a close, some cards have moved pools to make them accessible to more players. Four Series 5 cards make the jump to the slightly-more-available Series 4 category: Silver Surfer, Knull, Darkhawk, and Sentry. Regular players are probably piqued by Darkhawk’s move, but there’s more to that which we will get to later. Moving from Series 4 to the relatively common Series 3 pool are Agent Coulson, Maria Hill, and the Helicarrier.

Some little tweaks were made to the visual effects for the game. Onslaught’s effects happen much more quickly now, particularly when he is played at Bar Sinister. The Rickety Bridge has a little bit of animation now to sell its effect, and if you’re using a Mysterio variant you’ll find his illusions properly match now. There’s also an effect to show Klaw’s ability is in effect at a location.

And now for the nerfs and buffs. There’s only one card on the nerf list this time: Darkhawk. He’s a beast of a card who has quickly become part of most top-tier decks, and he probably needed a wee bit of toning down. For now he’s had his Power reduced from 1 to 0, but will that be enough? We’ll see. As for the buffs, it’s a class of five: Thanos (before 6/8 now 6/11), Sandman (before 4/1 now 5/5), Spider-Woman (before 5/7 now 5/8), Namor (before 4/5 now 4/6), and Dagger (before 2/1 now 2/2). Sandman’s big change may see him deployed more as a counter to Zabu decks and their Turn 6 chicanery.

Lastly, there’s one major update to a location. Sakaar used to pull in cards immediately after being revealed, but it apparently caused some issues with certain interactions. It’s been changed so that the cards will be pulled in after the turn it is revealed. A little less exciting, but probably for the best. Beyond that, the rest of the update involves a lot of text fixes and little bugs and quirks being ironed out.

We’ll have our next deck building guide for Marvel Snap ready for you next week to update you on the latest trends, so we’ll see how these changes affect things soon. Will any of these changes adjust your favorite decks? I know I’m going to be adding Sandman into a couple of mine. Those Zabu decks are a pain lately.

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