This Donkey Kong ‘LEGO Ideas’ Project Is Halfway To An Expert Review

Image: Lego Ideas / By If You Build It

Mario Lego has become quite popular, but what other Nintendo IP could be adapted to the world of brick building?

A Lego Ideas user known as ‘By If You Build It’ has submitted a Donkey Kong-themed set. Although the big ape kind of looks terrifying up close, the project itself has already got close to 5,000 supporters. This means it’s halfway to an ‘Expert review’ (which takes place at the 10k mark) and it’s still got 395 days left to receive votes.

It’s based on the original Donkey Kong arcade title and features DK and Pauline (oddly there’s no sign of Jumpman):

“Donkey Kong has been an iconic video game character for over 40 years. This set contains 800 pieces, Donkey Kong and one minifigure. Two of my happiest childhood memories are LEGO and going to the arcade. These are the main reasons I built this model, combining them together to create this Donkey Kong project. I’m sure you will agree, this would be a great LEGO set to own for many nostalgic adults.”

With Donkey Kong set to make an appearance in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, now would probably be a great time for Lego to release at least something related to the Donkey Kong series, if it’s not already got something in the works.

This latest creation follows a Zelda: Breath of the Wild project that officially hit the 10k mark early last month. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen before, a review doesn’t necessarily lead to a project being approved. Lego has also recently set its sights on ‘Zelda Deku Tree’ videos – issuing copyright strikes.

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