Deep Rock Galactic PS Plus Release Helped the IP Become a Success

Deep Rock Galactic‘s PS Plus release contributed significantly to the IP’s success, according to its developer Ghost Ship Games. CEO Soren Lundgaard revealed this in a recent earnings call held by Embracer Group, which owns Deep Rock Galactic’s publisher and parent company, Coffee Stain.

Deep Rock Galactic PS Plus release “propelled the IP further into the mainstream”

A co-operative first-person shooter, Deep Rock Galactic is Ghost Ship’s debut game and the only title it has released thus far. Deep Rock Galactic first released on PC in 2020 to positive reviews, followed by its PS Plus release in January 2022.

“We broke all our records on player numbers and revenue,” Lundgaard said of the game’s full release (via Retbit, Reddit). “We entered into PlayStation Plus and very, very fast, ten million players claimed the game, started playing, enjoying the new season content, buying the cosmetic DLCs, and just had a really good time together. And this propelled the Deep Rock Galactic IP even further into closing into mainstream.”

Deep Rock Galactic was received well by PS5 players, and currently holds a rating of 85/100 on Metacritic. The game is also available on PS4 and has been part of the Xbox Game Pass as well.

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