Pocket Gamer Connects London video round-up

2,600 attendees, 1,200+ leading companies, 65 countries represented across 6 continents and 280+ expert speakers – THAT was Pocket Gamer Connects London. 

Our tenth annual London event – which took place on January 23 – 24 this year – was our biggest yet. We all enjoyed two days of thought-provoking conversation, opportunities to meet and be inspired by top leaders in the industry and attended insightful sessions on a huge range of topics. All the while forming all-new connections to help take your business to the next level. 

All PCG event attendees get mailed exclusive access to the vast vault of sessions and talks that took place, to enjoy at their leisure. But if you missed the show (huh? why??) then make sure you don’t miss out on our upcoming events for 2023! (Scroll down to get the latest dates and destinations…)

And if you DID miss the show, then this one’s just for you…

The PGC London video round-up: part one

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing mini interviews and snippets from the big names that attended PGC London, just to whet your appetite for what Connects is all about.

We spoke to Hajar Noreddine supply partnerships lead from Adjoe, the ad tech company, about how they challenge the industry to do things differently. With GDPR opt-in ad units the user has full control and Adjoe are able to deliver more ads that are tailored to their liking.

Neasa Bannon, Meta’s industry manager for Facebook gaming was on hand to tell us about how devs can optimise their advertising campaigns across Meta’s multi-billion strong audience platforms. It’s all about creating ‘thumb-stopping’ content in the feed and being mindful of the full UA funnel, not just that final click.

We caught up with Leo D from Redlight Finance who explains their web3 ecosystem built on a gas-less blockchain. Gamers get more affordable transactions while health services and not-for-profit organisations can take advantage of Redlight’s private network to use blockchain tech without prohibitive fees.

Keywords Studios services range from ‘create’ – helping studios to make games – ‘globalise’ – helping them get that product to market, to ‘engage’, a final step for creating and building communities. Helpshift is their in-app help solution, keeping players engaged by helping them to get more from their games.

Finally (for this episode, at least) we spoke to Alex Pham, vice president EMEA at Adjust, helping developers and marketers to measure and analyse their marketing campaigns. As part of Applovin they’re also able to provide UA and monetisation tools. Alex explains how Adjust are ahead of the game following the changes in GDPR.

More videos from PGC London 2023 coming soon!

What’s next for PG Connects?

Want the full rundown of upcoming PG Connects events coming up so you can make sure to mark your calendar? We have you covered. Here’s just a few of the amazing opportunities we have for you to get involved with our globally loved live conference series. There is no better place to take your games business or career to the next level in 2023, so here are the next few opportunities to make your business dreams come true…

PG Connects Seattle (May 16-17)
PG Connects Toronto (July 19-20)
PG Connects Helsinki (September)
PG Connects Jordan (November)

Want to get involved?

There is no better place than Pocket Gamer Connects events to share your wealth of knowledge with the games community at large, and we would like to extend the invitation for renowned producers, developers, executives and leaders in the space to lead a session on a topic they’re passionate about and have expertise in at our upcoming shows. If you think you might be a fit and this sounds like something you’d love to do at our upcoming conferences, complete our speaker submission form or get in touch with [email protected] direct to discuss further!

Additionally, if you’re looking to put your brand in front of the global mobile games industry, you can discuss our varied sponsorship opportunities or other ways to get involved with our b2b sales team. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more details.

Reduce your carbon footprint with The Games Forest Club

Just because the show’s wrapped doesn’t mean the work’s done! Support our amazing partners over at The Games Forest Club in guiding the games industry towards a climate positive future by 2030. This is an amazing opportunity to lessen your ecological footprint and help preserve forests around the globe by simply donating to this incredible cause. You can learn more about donating here. 

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