Project Zomboid – How to Make Curtains

Looting and resting are essential activities in Project Zomboid. And to ensure you can safely enter houses, hanging curtains on the windows can prevent zombies from seeing the inside.

If you want to keep yourself safe and sound, here’s how to make curtains in Project Zomboid.

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To make curtains in Project Zomboid, you must have Sheets in your main inventory. Then, right-click on a window to add a sheet. When it’s done, you can open or close the curtains to look outside or to prevent the zombies from noticing you.

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How to Make Curtains in Project Zomboid

To make curtains in Project Zomboid, you must have the Sheets item.

And there are two ways to find Sheets in Project Zomboid.

The first method is relatively straightforward. Look for any houses that have windows with curtains on them. Then go near the windows, right-click it, and select the “Remove Curtains” action.

Removing curtains from a window will give you 1 Sheet.

The second way to find Sheets is to look inside bathrooms and wardrobes. The chance they contain Sheets is relatively high, so keep looting the surrounding houses.

When you have some Sheets, go to a nearby empty window and right-click on it. Then choose the “Add Sheet” action.

Remember that you can only add a sheet while the Sheet item is in your main inventory, not your bag or backpack.

You can also drag the Sheets from your inventory to the window to make curtains.

Curtains made from sheets don’t look good compared to regular curtains, but they do the job well. In the open state, sheet curtains cover the top part of the window. And when it’s closed, the sheet curtains cover the entire window.

If you want to relocate somewhere else, you can always remove the sheet curtains on the window to bring them with you.

Besides regular sheets, you can also use Bed Sheets to make curtains in Project Zomboid.

How to Close/Open a Curtain in Project Zomboid

There are three different ways to open or close a curtain in Project Zomboid, including:

  • Right-click on the curtain and select “Open/Close Curtains“.
  • Hold the Shift key and click on the curtain.
  • Hold the Shift key and press E.

You’re safe for now! Let’s take a rest and get ready for your next adventure.

That’s how to make curtains in Project Zomboid.

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