Crusader Kings 3 – How to Get Nicknames (Every Way)

Every time you might go onto Reddit to check what other Crusader Kings 3 players are doing, you will be overwhelmed by their incredible nicknames.

The Bane of the Danes, the Dragon, the Enlightened, and Troll-Slayer are some of the nicknames that your characters can get if you meet some special, hidden requirements.

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But, unfortunately, nicknames aren’t properly explained by the game, and you just seem to be getting them at random.

Well, don’t worry. In the guide, we will tell you exactly how to get all the possible nicknames in Crusader Kings 3.

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How to Get Nicknames in Crusader Kings 3

To get a nickname in CK3, your character will just need to meet some special requirements, choose some interesting paths in events, or complete decisions.

Each one of these things can help you get a nickname. You will most likely get a nickname just by playing the game normally.

However, if you want to get your hands on a cool nickname, then you will need to know beforehand what you need to do to get it.

So, here are all the ways you can get nicknames in CK3:

Get Nicknames from Decisions in CK3

The largest number of nicknames in CK3 will come from decisions. Luckily, you can see those in the Decisions menu at any time if they are eligible.

Most major decisions will get you a nickname. Think of things like uniting the North Sea Empire, or restoring Israel. All of these nickname sources are available in the Decisions menu if you are eligible.

Usually, decisions that also give nicknames are locked off due to your religion or culture. For example, only a ruler of the Brythonic culture can gain the Pendragon nickname.

When you start your game, make sure to check which major decisions will be available in the future, and what kind of feats you will need to fulfill to complete them. Usually, most will involve conquering a lot of lands.

There are also some interesting decisions that can get you a nickname, for example, the Build a Glass Monument decision.

This is only available to Lunatic rulers with the Distinguished Level of Fame, and it will allow you to build a modern glass building. In exchange, your character will get the Man/Woman of Glass nickname.

Get Nicknames from Lifestyle Events and Traits in CK3

As you pursue your chosen Lifestyle in CK3, you will randomly get events that can actually give you nicknames.

Most often than not, the easiest way to get a cool nickname is by completing two trees of a Lifestyle skill.

For example, completing the trees and getting two traits from the Martial Lifestyle will increase the chance of randomly getting five nicknames.

Usually, the nickname will just be one of the traits that you get by completing a Lifestyle tree (the Architect, the Valiant, and so on).

In random events from the Lifestyles, you will also get choices that can get your nicknames. However, these are usually risky.

You will get a choice that has a high chance of failure (if your skills are low) and that can either result in a good nickname or a bad nickname if you fail. Unfortunately, you will be stuck with the bad nickname for the rest of your life, even if you do great things after that.

Get Nicknames from Wars with Northern Conquerors in CK3

Some of the best nicknames in CK3 can be gained by surviving 10 Viking Adventurer wars. These are random wars that will pop up where a random Viking will attack you with tens of thousands of troops.

If you can stop 10 of these wars in a lifetime, you can get these great nicknames:

  • the Bane of the Danes
  • the *Your-Culture* Wall
  • Nord-Foe
  • the Scourge of the Northerners
  • the Burner of Ash

That’s everything you need to know about how to get nicknames in Crusader Kings 3!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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