Where to find the Guitar in Sons of The Forest

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Sons of the Forest has several weapons that your character can use. One of these is the Guitar, which you can swing around to bash your opponents, probably while pretending to be like Jeff Jarrett or Elias. Here’s our guide to help you get the Guitar in Sons of the Forest.

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How to get the Guitar in Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest Guitar can be found in a specific location. However, you do need to obtain a bunch of items first:

  • Rope Gun and Rebreather – Both are required to acquire the Shovel.
  • Shovel – This is used to unearth hidden caches that may contain items, as well as passageways to underground areas.
  • Maintenance Keycard – Found in an underground facility, this lets you access other areas on the map.
  • VIP Keycard – The area that has this particular item can be opened using the Maintenance Keycard.

Now, once you do have the VIP Keycard, it’s time to return to a particular location that you might have visited earlier in the game. It’s the first small room with the 3D Printer, the only one that you can reach without the need for other items (as seen in the image below). Still, there’s one section of that facility that has a set of double doors, ones that can only be unlocked via the VIP Keycard.

Sons Of The Forest Guitar 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Go ahead and open the double doors in the facility and you’ll find yourself in a fancy gym (which also happens to have the Track Suit). Continue up to the second floor pool and you’ll notice the music lounge straight ahead, as well as another set of double doors to your right. Check the music lounge and look at the bar counter to your left. That’s where you can pick up the Sons of the Forest Guitar.

The Sons of the Forest Guitar has a fairly slow melee attack speed. However, it does pack a punch. Anyway, explore the rest of this station to grab some other goodies, such as the Guest Keycard and Chainsaw.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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