The Financial Times places Tripledot as fastest growing company in Europe

UK-based mobile developer TripleDot has topped the Financial Times list of the fastest growing companies in Europe, beating 999 other businesses.

The company, founded in 2017 has consistently featured in our coverage as we chronicled their growth, including a massive $1.4bn valuation last year, a major acquisition, awards and the announcement that they were the third fastest growing private company in the UK. Now, the company has earned the accolade of being the fastest growing company in Europe according to the Financial Times, placing it ahead of companies in fintech, manufacturing and more.

Co-founder and CEO, Lior Shiff commented on the ranking on his LinkedIn. “It is a great accomplishment for the Tripledot team that worked very hard to get us to this achievement. Thank you to all the Tripledot team members and Investors – we are only getting started.”

Back in 2022, 20VC’s – the leading investor in Tripledot for their Series B funding round – managing partner Harry Stebbins commented on how the studio’s leadership had fuelled their success and attracted investors. “The leadership of Tripledot is singular; they have built an operation that has been scaling up rapidly while keeping its commitment to quality and a great company culture that knows how to attract and retain the best talents in gaming.”

The UK comes out on top

For the UK games industry, specifically mobile, this is major vindication about the importance of interactive entertainment in the UK economy. For Tripledot, founded only in 2017 it’s also an indicator as to the major success they’ve found despite – or perhaps partially because of – the pandemic. As we move into 2023 when other companies are being sceptical about their industry situations, Tripledot certainly have cause to be optimistic with such a big win early in the year.

Although the general economic situation in the UK could be better, Tripledot’s ranking shows that big success can come from unexpected places. And aside from the obvious vindication of the mobile games industry, this ranking is good news for the UK as a whole. 

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