What are Awoken Favors and how to use them in Destiny 2

As with every new Destiny 2 expansion, new, innovative ways to play are introduced. One of these comes in the form of Awoken Favors. These are earned through battle and can be used to upgrade the War Table. Once you get the hang of Awoken Favors and how to use them in Destiny 2, you can start to make the most of their benefits out in the field.

How to get Awoken Favors

As you play through the Season of Defiance storyline, you will eventually be made to play through a Defiant Battleground mission in which you fight through waves of enemies to rescue imprisoned allies. Once you complete one of these, you will be awarded a War Table Upgrade along with some other juicy loot.

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Bring the Awoken Favor back to the Helm and approach the War Table. You can now spend these on upgrading your table. The first option will be for Favor Attunement, here are the options for your Awoken Favor and how you should use them.

  • Exemplar of Justice – Defeat enemies with abilities to spawn; Favor improves melee’s ability to recharge.
  • Exemplar of Grace – Defeat enemies with Special weapons to spawn; Favor improves mobility for a short time.
  • Exemplar of Zeal – Defeat enemies with Heavy weapons to spawn; Favor improves grenade ability recharge

You must select one going forward with the mission. I recommend Grace as special weapon kills are much more regular and you’re going to want to collect Awoken Favors as quickly as possible in the next Defiant Battleground.

How to use Awoken Favors in Destiny 2

What are Awoken Favours and how to use them in Destiny 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When you play through your next Defiant Battleground, you will be able to earn Awoken Favors and use them in the fight. They will be triggered by whatever stipulation you selected at the table. You will have to collect three to progress to the next stage of the mission. As you play through the Defiant Battlegrounds you will earn more War Table Upgrades to broaden the scope of what the Awoken weapons, favors, and armor can do.

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