Is there a Creative Mode in Sons of The Forest?

In a survival horror game, sometimes having the ability to cheat and not worry about the survival or the horror in the slightest can be a nice playstyle. Endnight Games’ Sons of The Forest has a possibility of Creative Mode being present. In its first game The Forest, Creative Mode was given to you as a reward after completing the game.

While playing Creative Mode, you would never get hungry or thirsty, and could never take damage. There were also no enemies, and you could build anything you wanted, with the required materials still needed. But is there also a Creative Mode in Sons of The Forest? We’ll answer that question for you here, if you keep on reading.

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Sons of The Forest: Is there a Creative Mode?

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The simple answer to this question is no. But the more complicated answer is: sort of. As soon as you’re prompted on the main menu to create a new game, it gives you a list of difficulty options to choose from. One of these options is a Custom game. Choosing this lets you toggle specific things such as a variety of enemy options, the season you start, the amount of animals on the island, and more.

You can even turn off damage from starvation or dehydration, which is the closest you’ll get to Creative Mode. Luckily, you don’t have to complete Sons of The Forest to make a Custom game either. If you’re still wishing you could use cheat commands, there are plenty of mods available to download online that allow for cheats. But for now, making a Custom game is the closest thing to Creative mode.

Sons of The Forest is still in Early Access, meaning for the next 6-8 months Endnight Games is constantly improving the game until its full release. So, Creative Mode is still a possibility for the future. But for now, there is another way to “cheat” in Sons of The Forest.

Sons of The Forest is available via Steam.

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