RimWorld – 20 Best Mods for Even Better Gameplay

RimWorld is a very complex game that has been out for quite some time. Though the developers do their best to give us all the content that we should want, we will always want more.

Luckily, there is a huge fan community that works on new mods for RimWorld every day. Do you want a medieval RimWorld? Done. Do you want to edit your colonists? Possible with mods.

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Every little pet peeve you might have with RimWorld can easily be fixed and improved with mods made by a wonderful community.

In this article, we will list 20 of the best RimWorld mods you can get right now and improve your game forever.

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20 Best Mods for RimWorld

Since all of these mods do different things to change RimWorld, there is no way to tell which one of them is the best. This is why we will list them in alphabetical order.

Defensive Positions

RimWorld sometimes expects too much micromanagement from our side. For every battle, we have to personally set the position of each colonist to make sure they have proper cover.

However, with the Defensive Positions mod, players can set special positions for their colonists beforehand and just press a button to send them to their positions.

If you have good defenses in your colony, then you generally know where each pawn should sit when raiders come knocking. However, you will have to personally position each one of them there. With this mod, the process can be done with one button press.

Dragons Descent

RimWorld Best Mods Dragons Descent

Have you ever thought that you needed dragons in RimWorld? No? Well, you do. The Dragons Descent mod adds dragons to RimWorld and also brings a lot of mechanics to interact with them.

Though many mods add giant interesting animals in RimWorld, this is one of the only mods that actually develops the mechanics even further.

There are many races of dragons that you can breed and combine to get new dragons. And there are many dragon-specific buildings that you can construct with this mod.

You will have access to dragon rituals, where you can make sacrifices to please the dragons and special crops that can help dragons grow up faster. And, of course, these dragons can fly and breathe fire.

Dubs Bad Hygiene

RimWorld Best Mods Dubs Bad Hygiene

Have you ever thought that it’s weird that nobody in RimWorld ever drinks water or takes a bath? Well, with the Dubs Bad Hygiene mod, you will finally make RimWorld a lot more realistic.

With this mod, your pawns will get a hygiene stat and will need to also drink water to survive. Players will also have to build sewage systems for toilets.

Water bottles are also something you can get with the Dubs Bad Hygiene mod, and if you really want to, you can build a swimming pool for your colonists to have fun.

EdB Prepare Carefully

RimWorld Best Mods EdB Prepare Carefully

Do you spend a lot more time than you would care to admit randomizing colonists before starting your game?

Well, the EdB Prepare Carefully RimWorld mod will allow you to customize the pawns rather than randomize them.

This way, you can choose their exact traits, skills, backstory, age, and more. The mod also implements a point system that you can use to limit your edits.

Limiting the number of points you use will allow you to play a fair game of RimWorld, where you have personally decided what you need from your colonists.

Factional War

RimWorld Best Mods Factional War

Do you sometimes think that factions are relatively boring? If so, the Factional War RimWorld mod is exactly what you should install right now.

The Factional War mod adds 4 events around your colony on the world map where factions will sometimes fight each other and you and jump in and take sides.

They might sometimes even fight on your map, allowing your colonists to either intervene. You can also stay as far away as possible and reap the rewards of the battle by looting afterward.

All the events that this mod adds are very interesting, and it will make you feel like you are part of a larger world.

Giddy-up! Caravan, Ride and Roll, and Battle Mounts

RimWorld Best Mods Giddy-up

Mounts are a thing in most games. However, even though there are horses that you can tame and that make you faster on the world map, your colonists can’t actually mount animals.

With the Giddy-up! mods, players can ride animals when sending caravans, when looking for resources on the colony map, and when going to battle.

Depending on the circumstances, you might not want to use all these features. That is no problem since there is a separate mod for each one of the things we mentioned.

If you think that riding a warg into battle isn’t realistic for your RimWorld playthrough, then you can just get the caravan mod. The caravan mod allows colonists to ride animals only when sent on expeditions.


RimWorld Best Mods Hospitality

The Hospitality mod for RimWorld adds a thing that you never knew you wanted. With the help of the Hospitality mod, you will have the ability to host guests and visitors in your colony for money.

By building something similar to a hotel, guests can rest at your colony and give you money in exchange for it. You can also use this mechanic to increase relations with their factions and even recruit them for your personal use.

Players will also have the possibility to build a little shop where visitors can buy all of your junk without having to personally look for traders.

Map Preview

RimWorld Best Mods Map Preview

One of the main reasons many RimWorld players have to restart a new game is because the map they chose for their colony is bad.

You won’t have any idea how your map will look besides the biome and the presence of rivers and mountains.

Well, with the Map Preview mod, players can see what the map they have selected will look like once they land their colonists there.

Once you’ve installed this mod, there is no going back. This will help you avoid early game relocation due to a bad starting spot since you can see exactly what the map will look like.

Medieval Overhaul

RimWorld Best Mods Medieval Overhaul

Have you ever wanted a medieval game exactly like RimWorld? Well, the Medieval Overhaul mod will allow you to live the medieval life in RimWorld properly.

The Medieval Overhaul RimWorld mod is a collection of medieval mods that have been combined together to offer a fully immersive medieval experience.

This mod will stop you from getting access to all the futuristic tech in exchange for a very immersive medieval experience.

You will get new furniture, armor, weapons, and mythical creatures. Players will be able to craft and build swords, axes, throne rooms, battle plans, and more with the help of this mod.


RimWorld Best Mods Multiplayer

Have you ever wondered what RimWorld would be like if you played with it multiplayer? Well, the Multiplayer mod does exactly that. You and your friends can control a colony from the start to the end.

You will all have control over what your colony does, which means you can delegate tasks separately. Each one of you could take control of one part of the gameplay.

One player could be the builder, one could be the fighter, and one could prepare to establish a new colony to control.

By creating more colonies, you can end up each having your own colony that can help each other with raids and quests.

Replace Stuff

RimWorld Best Mods Replace Stuff

You might expect that the best mods for RimWorld would involve changing huge mechanics and adding new content.

Well, the Replace Stuff mod is incredibly useful and it mostly helps with one problem. With this mod, you will be able to replace the materials of walls without having to manually deconstruct and construct them.

You can also upgrade beds, doors, and workshops without having to go through too much effort. Players can build coolers without having to destroy walls as well using this mod.

In many ways, this mod fixes some of the biggest problems with the building mechanics in RimWorld.


RimWorld Best Mods Rimhud

Not all of the best RimWorld mods change major aspects of the game. Sometimes, you will need aesthetic mods that fix the UI.

The RimHUD mod will make sure that you find all the necessary information about a colonist by just clicking them.

No longer will you have to click on 5 different tabs to learn what you need about your pawns? With the help of the RimHUD mod, you will find every little information about them by just clicking them.

RPG Style Inventory

RimWorld Best Mods RPG Style Inventory

There are a lot of clothing and weapons that your pawns can hold in RimWorld. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see their inventory nicely and clearly as you would in an RPG?

The RPG Style Inventory changes the look of the Gear menu to allow players to see what other inventory slots are available for their colonists.

The color of the equipment also shows the rarity of the item, as it would in a normal RPG.


RimWorld Best Mods RunAndGun

Have you ever thought that it is very annoying when your pawns stop shooting because you told them to advance one step?

Well, with the RunAndGun mod, players can finally see that movie-type action that they were missing in RimWorld.

Colonists will aim and shoot while they are moving, allowing them to keep their focus if their enemies start running and you tell them to follow.

The mod tries to make this mechanic realistic, as it decreases accuracy while running and if the weapon that the pawn is carrying is very heavy.

Snap Out!

RimWorld Best Mods Snap Out

One of the worst things that can happen in RimWorld is for your colonists to have mental breaks. These can ruin your colony’s progress for days.

Luckily, with the Snap Out! mod, wardens will now be able to approach colonists while they’re in their mental break and make them snap out of it.

Your wardens can successfully stop pawns from their mental breaks or they can also fail, making this mod very base-game friendly.

Players can also edit everything about how this mod works. They can increase or decrease the chances of successful snap-out attempts, and they can also select which pawns can be calmed down.

Star Wars – The Force, Factions, and Fully Functional Lightsabers

RimWorld Best Mods Star Wars

There are three mods you can get for RimWorld that will allow you to live an immersive Star Wars experience.

The Force RimWorld mod adds force abilities to the game, along with dark and light alignments, which will decide which abilities your pawns can learn.

The Factions mod brings the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion to RimWorld. They will come with beautiful clothes and armor that make them look exactly as in the movies.

Last but not least, you can get the Fully Functional Lightsabers mod which will allow you to craft and use powerful lightsabers against the dangers of RimWorld.


RimWorld Best Mods Therapy

If you find debuffs annoying and you think they take a really long time to disappear, then the Therapy mod is exactly what you need.

With the help of this RimWorld mod, you will be able to speed up the process of getting rid of mood debuffs. Of course, with the help of therapy.

In their spare time, colonists will head over to a therapy couch. An available therapist will come to speak to them to lower the time of their mood debuffs.

This is one of the best mods for RimWorld if you want to take care of negative moodlets in a realistic and immersive way without cheats.

Vanilla Outposts Expanded (Vanilla Expanded Mods)

RimWorld Best Mods Vanilla Outposts Expanded

It isn’t fair that all other factions have a thousand bases and even more outposts and work sites, while you can only get 5 huge colonies.

The Vanilla Outposts Expanded mod for RimWorld will allow you to build outposts where colonists just work for special resources.

These work as passive income sources where you won’t even have to see the map. Unless it’s under attack from a raid. With this mod, you can get outposts that produce vegetables, wood, components, and more.

Using the Vanilla Outposts Expanded mod will allow you to feel like your faction is actually powerful and that it can make a difference on a global level.

Otherwise, if this is not the mod for you, the mod developers that made this have a collection of mods that all have “Vanilla Expanded” in the title that add a lot of features to the game that should have been there.

Wall Light

RimWorld Best Mods Wall Light

Sometimes, small differences are exactly what you need to make your game better. The Wall Light mod for RimWorld fixes one of the biggest pet peeves many players have.

With this mod, you will finally be able to place your lights on walls. You can also change the colors of the light at any time, and you can remove them from the walls without having to destroy the walls.

This mod exists to make your life easier, and it does that well. Once you’ve used this mod for a while and seen how useful it is, you won’t be able to uninstall it.


RimWorld Best Mods Zombieland

Imagine what it would be like if you also added zombies in RimWorld. Well, the Zombieland mod will stop you from wondering and show you exactly how amazing it would be.

The Zombieland mod not only adds zombies to your game but also allows you to choose everything about how they work.

You will be able to choose when zombies appear, how zombie bites work, their capabilities, and many other things.

Now you won’t have to worry about raiders and mechs, but also about the zombie hordes. These will casually be wandering around your base.

That’s everything you need to know about the best mods for RimWorld!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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