SnowRunner trucks come to Dakar Desert Rally in new DLC

Saber Interactive’s SnowRunner has made a name for itself by offering a highly realistic, challenging rendition of off-road simulation. Most of the gameplay is slow and methodical due to the dangerous nature of its world. That’s why this cross partnership with Dakar Desert Rally (from the same studio) is quite interesting, as it takes five trucks from the off-road sim and allows them to let their carburetors roar across the desert sands in high-speed races.

From snow to sand

The five trucks joining the roster are all Soviet-inspired machinery: the TUZ 16, TUZ 108, TUZ 420, ZiKZ 605R, and the YAR 87. While these heavy, metal chassis rarely get to open their throttles in the world of SnowRunnerDakar Desert Rally will allow them a chance to navigate scorching deserts and shifting sands in a race to the finish.

These trucks are just one part of an overall larger package of Premium DLC content. This DLC also includes six new stages for Sports Mode, along with one event, and three new stages in Professional Mode, alongside one more event. In addition to this DLC pack, the game has also recently been updated with support for more steering wheel peripherals, as well as adding new features and some other quality-of-life improvements.

SnowRunner DLC comes to Dakar Desert Rally 

Players who own the Season Pass already (valued at $29.99 USD) gain access to this new content. Otherwise, you’d have to purchase it separately for $9.99 USD. The Deluxe Edition of Dakar Desert Rally includes the Season Pass already. On PC, the game and its DLC are available via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Much like its sibling, SnowRunnerDakar Desert Rally has players take part in extreme off-road race challenges. It features a variety of vehicle types, from trucks and quads, to even bikes, just to name a few. Additionally, there’s also the option to explore the game’s different desert regions in a Free Roam mode to both practice in different vehicles, or simply get a break from the racing challenges.

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