Crusader Kings 3 – What Are the Best Dynasty Legacies?

In Crusader Kings 3, you do your best to make your dynasty thrive and dominate medieval times. However, there will be many challenges along the way that will keep you from doing that.

Since the developers know that there are a lot of hurdles that your dynasty will need to overcome, they have created a mechanic that makes each dynasty different: legacies.

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Players can grow Renown and get dynasty legacies that will make them better than all the people around them.

So, what are the best dynasty legacies in Crusader Kings 3 that you can pick? We have answered that question below.

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What are the Best Dynasty Legacies in Crusader Kings 3

Anyone that will tell you that a single CK3 dynasty legacy is the best is lying. All of them are really good and can be extremely helpful depending on the circumstances.

However, there are some that just work each playthrough and that most players wouldn’t mind picking for all of their dynasties.

Also, you don’t need to fully complete a legacy in CK3. Some tiers are more than enough to make players happy.

Here are the best dynasty legacies tiers in CK3 that you should always get:

Law Dynasty Legacy

The Law dynasty legacy in CK3 is relatively impressive. However, there is no need to get all the tiers.

You should usually try to get 2 tiers in the Law dynasty legacy. This way, you will get the following bonuses:

  • Mostly Fair
    • Popular Opinion +5
    • Hunt and Feast cost -30%
  • Faithful Magistrates
    • Title Creation -20% Gold cost
    • Control Growth +0.2 monthly

Most of the tiers in the Law dynasty legacy are very dependent on circumstances, so you usually won’t need them.

Even the first tier, the Mostly Fair perk, isn’t that useful. However, the reason you should invest two tiers in this legacy is for the monthly control.

Usually, control only increases during peacetime or with some effort from the player during wartime. Luckily, with this legacy, you will always have counties with 100% control.

Guile Dynasty Legacy

The Guile dynasty legacy will be very similar in the sense that you must pick up two tiers here. However, in many ways, both tiers are extremely useful in CK3 and will help you a lot long term:

  • Ominous Reputation
    • Dread Gain +20%
    • Natural Dread +15
  • Long Reach
    • Hostile Scheme Success +10%
    • Agent Bribe cost -50%

Dread is an extremely important stat for any ruler. If you don’t want to die a quick death, then it’s better to have your vassals fear you.

In many ways, since the first tier is also cheaper than most, it’s best to at least get this one. But, if you also like doing a lot of plots on the side, then Long Reach will save your life.

The +10% success rate is good, but what is really useful is the reduced cost of bribes. By lowering the bribes by 50%, you will be able to afford kings and queens to help you fulfill your evil plots.

Blood Dynasty Legacy

The first two tiers in the Blood dynasty legacy are mandatory if you want to try to do the Strengthen Bloodline decision. If you are also afraid of incest repercussions, then tier 3 is a must:

  • Noble Veins
    • Chance to inherit good congenital traits +30%
    • Chance of new good congenital traits +30%
  • Convergent Blood
    • Chance to reinforce congenital traits +30%
  • Resilient Bloodline
    • Chance to inherit bad congenital traits -30%
    • Chance of new bad congenital traits -30%

All that the Blood dynasty legacies do is help you keep good congenital traits for all of your dynasty members. Though this might be a bit underwhelming, it is extremely overpowered.

Your family members will have unreal stats and skills by just inheriting their parents’ congenital traits. If you also dabble in incest, you must get the 3rd tier to avoid inbred traits.

Glory Dynasty Legacy

We’ve reached one of the dynasty legacies in CK3 that all players need to get. The Glory dynasty legacy is incredibly useful and is one of the only ways to raise the vassal limit.

Luckily, you won’t need to get all five tiers. Just four:

  • Desirable Match
  • Renowned Name
    • Monthly Prestige +10%
    • Number of Knights +1
    • Mercenary Hire Cost -10%
    • Monthly Court Grandeur Change +100%
  • Earning Respect
    • Monthly Diplomacy Experience +10%
    • Personal Scheme Power +25%
  • Assertive Rulers
    • Vassal Limit +10
    • Short Reign Duration -20%
    • Claimant and Liberty Faction Acceptance for Vassals -20
    • Court Grandeur Bonus +5

The first tier can be really useful if you have a weaker start and need allies. This way, you can get high tier alliances through marriage with a higher acceptance rate.

The second tier is incredible. Knights are extremely powerful, so an extra one can’t hurt. Cheaper mercenaries are also really useful for unexpected wars.

Earning Respect is one of the more mediocre advantages of the Glory dynasty legacies, but the next one is the main reason you should advance so far.

The Assertive Rulers Glory dynasty legacy in CK3 will increase your vassal limit by 10, which might not seem like a lot when you have a small kingdom. But, if you control an empire, you won’t really want only king vassals, will you?

This legacy also keeps vassals at bay for some of the more annoying factions that they can create. No more powerful claimants and independence supporters in your country after taking this legacy.

The short reign debuff can also create huge problems when your character dies, so lowering its length is going to be a game changer.

Kin Dynasty Legacy

This is the only dynasty legacy that we will recommend you fully commit to. Not because every tier is incredible, but because the last level of this legacy is the best one in CK3:

  • Bounteous Loins
    • Fertility +10%
    • Attraction Opinion +5
  • Studious Youth
    • Child Opinion +10
    • Education Traits Score +2-3
  • Constant Care
    • Spouse Opinion +10
    • Pregnancy Complication Chance -25%
    • Medium Disease Resistance Health Boost
  • Close Bonds
    • Close Family Opinion +10
    • Dynasty Opinion +5
    • Personal Scheme Success with Dynasty members +30%
  • Graceful Aging
    • Once someone reaches age 30, and every 5 years after that, they will gain +1 random skill point
    • No Prowess Loss from Age
    • Dynasty members visibly age slower

As you can tell, the main thing you will get out of these legacies is increased opinions with dynasty members.

There are also some other nice bonuses along the way, such as the increased chance of gaining better education traits or disease resistance.

However, the only reason we are picking this as one of the best dynasty legacies in CK3 is the Graceful Aging tier.

This is the closest you will get to immortality in CK3. Not only will your characters become more skilled as they become older, but they will also keep their prowess stat.

With a legacy like this, you might even consider changing your succession laws to House Seniority.

That’s everything you need to know about the best dynasty legacies in Crusader Kings 3!

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