Best cards for Quantum Realm

The Quantum Realm is a parallel dimension that can be accessed through the Quantum Tunnel in the Marvel Universe. In Marvel Snap, cards played at the Quantum Realm location are set to 2 power. Here are some of the best cards to to play at this location, putting this subatomic location to good use.

Best Marvel Snap cards for the Quantum Realm location

Cards that have less than 2 power tend to be the most powerful at this location, as they can activate their abilities without any reduction in their power. Buffing the power of your cards at the Quantum Realm is also impactful, letting individual cards have more than 2 power. Consider ‘Ongoing’ effects or cards that summon cards to different locations to offset this location’s effect.

The Hood

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The Hood is easily one of the best cards to play at the Quantum Realm. He is a 1-cost, -2-power card that adds a Demon to your hand. The downside of his negative power is neutralized at the Quantum Realm. He still provides the 1-cost, 6-power Demon, giving you an efficient, high-power play at another location.

Adam Warlock

Best Cards For Quantum Realm Marvel Snap Adam Warlock (1)

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Adam Warlock has always been a difficult card to make work in Marvel Snap. As a 2-cost, 0-power card, he draws you a card the following turn if you are winning a location. His 0-power makes this effect very difficult to activate, but no longer! When played at the Quantum Realm, he immediately gains 2 power, letting him contest that location and potentially draw you extra cards.


Best Marvel Snap Cards For Quantum Realm Ironheart

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Ironheart gives +2 power to three other cards as her On Reveal effect. As a 3-cost, 0-power card, she provides 6 total power for a very low cost. The Quantum Realm makes her even better, as playing her there will grant her 2 power as well. If other cards are at the Quantum Realm, she will buff them, giving you an edge over your opponent who may not be able to increase the power of their cards at this location in any way.

Devil Dinosaur

Best Marvel Snap Cards For Quantum Realm Devil Dinosaur

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Devil Dinosaur is a 5-cost, 3-power card with an amazing Ongoing effect. For every card in your hand, he gains +2 power. This effect makes him phenomenal at the Quantum Realm: while his original power is set to 2, his Ongoing effect causes his power to be much higher if there any cards your hand. He can singlehandedly win a location, as his power will be much higher than the measly 2-power cards that your opponent is forced to play at the Quantum Realm.

Doctor Doom

Best Marvel Snap Cards For Quantum Realm Doctor Doom

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Doctor Doom is a 6-cost, 5-power card with one of my favorite On Reveal effects in the game. When played, he adds a 5-power DoomBot to other locations. This effect lets you spread your power out and surprise your opponent on the last turn of the game. You want to play Doctor Doom at a location other than the Quantum Realm, so he retains his 5 power. The DoomBot he summons at the Quantum Realm does not have its power reduced, as it was added to that location without being played. As such, Doctor Doom becomes a powerful play to provide power to all locations while disregarding Quantum Realm’s effect.

These are some of the cards that can win you matches when played at the Quantum Realm. Consider other low-power cards, or cards with Ongoing abilities to take advantage of the Quantum Realm.

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