Frameplay appoints Tencent veteran Jurgen Post as chairman of board

Intrinsic advertising specialists Frameplay have announced that industry veteran Jurgen Post will be taking up the position of chairman of the board.

Post previously served as CEO of Miniclip, as well as president of international partnerships at Tencent EMEA. As chairman of the board, Post will be in a position to leverage decades of experience in advising on strategic oversight and providing leadership to the growing advertising company.

CEO of Frameplay Jonathon Troughton spoke about Post’s appointment. “Jurgen is not only a pioneer in the gaming industry, but a true leader, having contributed significant influence over the development of several of the world’s most popular games and gaming devices. He has also led some of the largest deals within the gaming industry,” he said.

“Jurgen joining Frameplay as chairman of the board reinforces the value that we bring to industry, and sets the stage for our exciting future. Having intrinsic in-game advertising backed by an industry titan like Jurgen solidifies the trajectory of this advertising channel within both the gaming and advertising ecosystems.”

Intrinsic value

Frameplay has invested heavily in intrinsic advertising, betting that this will be a major, perhaps the dominant, sector of advertising within games. Intrinsic advertising involves placing adverts directly into the game world, diegetically. An example via billboards or bus-side adverts in a modern city setting. Another advertising company, Bidstack, has also invested into intrinsic advertising, via their new Bidstack Sports division.

The appointment of Post as chairman of the board also indicates wider industry recognition of the potential value in this business-model, with a renowned industry veteran coming aboard.

Post expressed his interest in Frameplay. “Upon being introduced to Frameplay, I was immediately drawn to their vision of creating sustainable monetization efforts for game studios, whilst still remaining true to gamers’ preference of an uninterrupted gaming experience,” he said.

“Frameplay’s solution to an industry-wide monetization problem is allowing the world’s most innovative brands to captivate the attention of a formerly untapped audience. I look forward to being a part of Frameplay’s mission and supporting their industry-leading intrinsic in-game advertising efforts.

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