Resident Evil 4 remake ‘Chainsaw Demo’ is available today

Following a particularly juicy rumor this morning, Capcom confirmed during its short Spotlight showcase that Resident Evil 4 remake is getting a PC demo on Steam today. It’s not much of a surprise. The last handful of Resident Evil games received demos ahead of release. This one in particular is called the “Chainsaw Demo,” and allows you to try out the game’s opening act.

Though you’re given no hard time limit, you can play the remake’s opening scene where Leon first explores the hostile village. As Leon, you can move through houses, collect weaponry, ammo, and items, all the while dodging free-flying hatchets.

It’s a hell of an opener for a game, and one of the more famous found in Resident Evil. The game wasted no time allowing you to get to grips with the controls, and the intense action. The Resident Evil 4 remake demo offers a small vertical slice of the classic game, completely redone from the ground up.

Resident Evil 4 remake demo is available now on PC via Steam

It’s called “Chainsaw Demo” for a reason. After playing in the village for a short while, protagonist Leon S. Kennedy gets chased by a chainsaw-wielding cultist with a burlap sack on their head. Like I said, it’s a tense opener. And you can experience it right now. If interested, head to the Steam page for the game and click the button underneath the demo banner. But be sure to check out the PC requirements ahead of time, and free up around 10 GB of drive space.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is a remade and reimagined version of the classic game from 2006. It’ll include many new features, such as knife degradation and changes to QTEs. The game launches for PC on March 23.

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