Super Mario Run Now Allows You To Play “One Stage For Free Each Day”

Image: Nintendo, Universal Studios

Update [Sat 11th Mar, 2023 00:00 GMT]:

Nintendo of America has now publicised this same Super Mario Run event on its own social channels. This “special event” is being promoted in tandem with the upcoming release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. As part of this, the game is also half-price until 30th May. A follow-up tweet further explains the free stage unlocks:

“Each day during the event, one stage that normally couldn’t be played without purchasing the game will be unlocked for free. Plus, if you link your Nintendo Account, you can play an additional stage for free! These stages change daily. Let’s-a go!”

Original [Fri 10th Mar, 2023 03:30 GMT]:

If you’re in the mood for some Mario gaming to celebrate MAR10 Day, you might want to revisit Super Mario Run on mobile.

There’s now a new update that allows players to play “one stage” for free each day. Here’s part of the patch notes for the latest update:

“Added a feature in which you can play one stage for free each day even if you haven’t purchased Super Mario Run by linking to a Nintendo Account.”

Super Mario Run is also currently on sale if you would like to try out the full experience. It’s got auto-runner elements mixed in with traditional Mario gameplay. Here’s what we had to say about the title when it originally made its debut back in 2016:

“Super Mario Run is a game built for mobile; short-burst challenges with friends really bring it to life, and if you’re willing to embrace that mindset then you’ll realise this is a title which hides surprising depth behind its deceptively simplistic premise.”

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