‘Super Mario Run’ Update and Super Mario Bros Movie Event Lets You Play One Stage per Day for Free, Unlock Discounted – TouchArcade

Super Mario Run (Free) being shown off at an Apple conference is still one of the highlights of any Apple event for me despite my thoughts on the actual game. The free to start game with a single unlock through an in app purchase is now celebrating the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie with a limited-time event and update. This event lets you unlock and play one stage per day during the event. This applies for those who don’t own the game unlock as well once you link your Nintendo Account to the game. This follows the new trailer for The Super Mario Bros Movie that aired a few hours ago. Watch it below:

If you haven’t played Super Mario Run in a while, now is a good time to get back to it. The in app purchase full game unlock is also half off for a limited time. Grab the game for free here on the App Store for iOS and here on Google Play for Android. The new movie trailer aired during the Nintendo event a few hours ago. The movie releases on April 5th. What do you think of the trailer and have you been playing Super Mario Run recently?

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