Where to find Spaik’s Mural in Guanajuato

As the Autumn Season begins in Forza Horizon 5, you can expect more challenges that will scratch your racing itch. These are limited-time events that are scattered throughout the map. They can be fun to do, but are also demanding as you need to search far and wide for these murals. On the other hand, the upside of looking for murals is that you may end up in spots you haven’t found yet. So it can be a good idea to spend time looking around. The first one called Spaik’s Mural is pretty elusive. So, where to find Spaik’s Mural in Guanajuato Forza Horizon 5? This guide will help find the location and detail the requirements to complete the challenge.

How to find Spaik’s Mural in Guanajuato in Forza Horizon 5

Screenshot by PC Invasion

For starters, you’ll want to set a waypoint to Guanajuato. This won’t be that hard to find since it’s one of the bigger cities in Forza Horizon 5. But if you still can’t find it, simply turn off the filters for a better view. Now, this is a general area where Spaik’s Mural can be, but the tricky part is pinpointing the exact location. Once you’re in Guanajuato, head south. To help get your bearings, bring up the map and you should see part of a freeway system located at the southern tip.

Head to that location. If you follow correctly, you should see a train station and a racing event near the painting. The mural is located right next to an underpass, so it shouldn’t be that hard to miss at that point.

Forza Horizon 5 Screenshot Spaik's Mural

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Finding the mural is one thing, but completing the challenge is another. While you can take any car to the location, you have to use any Hoonigan-branded vehicle you own. These can be easy to come by since one of the first cars you win is a Hoonigan. Head into the expansive photo mode and take your shot.

Forza Horizon 5 is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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