Amazon is Publishing Throne and Liberty in North America

Amazon Games has been a roll recently with their list of published games. New World wasn’t exactly a hit, but it’s not a terrible game by any means. Then there’s Lost Ark, a Korean MMO with a healthy playerbase in the West today. It’s not necessarily THEIR game per se (since Smilegate RPG is the one that does the heavy lifting), but they can take credit for bringing Lost Ark over to a new audience.

On February 22, 2023, NCSoft and Amazon Games agreed to bring Throne and Liberty to North America, South America, Japan, and Europe. Regarding Amazon’s responsibilities, they’re set to publish the highly anticipated title for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. And yes, this game will support cross-platform play.

NCSoft’s Heavy Hitters

NCSoft isn’t a stranger when it comes to publishing Western heavy hitters. So far, they’ve published Blade & Soul, Guild Wars 2, AION, and many more. Throne and Liberty will be their first MMO released globally with an external publisher, Amazon Games. According to Moonyoung Choi—a member of the principal development management office at NCSoft—one of the main reasons they picked Amazon to do the publishing for them was because they’re currently one of the most reliable partners for publishing live-service games.

Why Amazon?

Putting an MMO on the map is no small task. They’re more than capable of the job with Amazon Games’ proven expertise in localization, community and marketing support, and operations. NCSoft states that publishing games that grow and live over time is a critical strategy. By delivering games of the highest quality, having the world’s most talented developers is one of the cornerstones of their business.

If all goes well for the launch, Throne and Liberty will be the South Korea-based developer’s next-generation MMO. It’ll be their first foray into releasing a game with an external publisher across multiple regions.

The Hurdle to Get to the Top

Throne and Liberty was initially envisioned in 2011 as a sequel to Lineage, a medieval fantasy MMO with subscriptions counting to millions. However, it gradually became a new franchise over many years of being stuck in development hell.

If we look back on Throne and Liberty’s progress, it wasn’t easy. The MMO went through several closed betas and announced multiple delays. The combination of constantly shifting environmental and geographical features and a story-driven adventure was more challenging to implement than anticipated. With the game featuring PvE and PvP combat, you can expect much content to sift through once Throne and Liberty is out.

Amazon’s Plate is Full for 2023

Throne and Libery is another title in the bag for Amazon Games’ list of games to publish for 2023. Following the success of Lost Ark and New World (both of which have topped Twitch and Steam charts), the publisher aims to nurture strong player communities. Amazon has also announced publishing agreements with Crystal Dynamic’s upcoming Tomb Raider game and Bandai Namco Online’s Blue Protocol.

All this is a grand plan to make the retail giant into another established competitive within the gaming market. If Amazon succeeds with Throne and Liberty’s release and future projects, it won’t be a surprise if they become the West version of Tencent.

Throne and Liberty Launch Date

While Throne and Liberty was previously rumored to be on track for a release in the half of 2023, Amazon Games has yet to confirm any information regarding a concrete date. As for me, I’m looking forward to what the game has to offer. Considering we’re spoiled for choice regarding online games, Throne and Liberty may become the big next-gen MMO for this year. Hopefully, we can expect more news and updates from NCSoft and Amazon Games once they’re ready to divulge the details for this highly anticipated MMORPG.

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