RE4 Demo How to Unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode

Resident Evil 4 Remake released a demo game just days before its official release. The short game, the Chainsaw Demo, sees players exploring a specially tuned version of the remake’s opening sequence. Fans have been enjoying this minigame so far due to having no time restrictions. Many have discovered that you can challenge yourself even further if you unlock the Chainsaw Demo’s Extreme Difficulty Mode. 

The Mad Chainsaw Mode

Capcom has hidden an extreme difficulty mode for the demo called “Mad Chainsaw Mode.” This is the game’s hardest difficulty that can only sometimes be accessed. At this level, villagers pack more punch and become highly aggressive. They will also gain additional health and be placed in random areas, so if you are one of those players that memorized the layout and spawn points, you might have to forget that information. 

Aside from these hyper-aggressive mobs, the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador will also be upgraded. Instead of a plain old, motorized saw, the crazed doctor will wield a flaming chainsaw while becoming noticeably stronger and beefier. To top it all off, players will not have any checkpoints to save their progression. This part means that if you die, the game is over. You will need to start a new run and hope that you can do the Mad Chainsaw Mode again. 

How to Unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode

Initially, this extreme mode could only be activated by chance. No prompt on the demo’s menu will allow players to max out the game’s difficulty. To do a Mad Chainsaw run, fans will have to do subsequent runs and hope their next one will give them the option to run in extreme mode.

Fortunately for gamers, there is one way to activate Mad Chainsaw Mode. Popular YouTuber Jigsaw Killer shows fans how to unlock the extreme level in a recent video permanently. Players need to highlight the Main Story option in the main menu and enter the following sequence: 

  • PlayStation – Hold L1+R1, Up, Left, Down, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, and X.
  • XBox – Hold LB+RB, Up, Left, Down, Right, X, Y, B, A, and A.
  • PC – Hold Shift+Space, W, A, S, D, R, I, E, and F.

How they found these prompts are still being determined, but we can speculate that it was datamined. Capcom is known to hide hidden codes within its games that would activate specific effects or cheats. Another hidden secret in the demo involved a hidden gun.

A Secret TMP

Unlike the secret Mad Chainsaw Mode, finding the hidden TMP in the game does not require a prompt. Finding this weapon is much simpler, but it does come at a cost. If you discard all your items in your inventory at the start, the grates obstructing the hole on the two wells will be removed, allowing you to go down on either. Doing so will lead you to an underground passage beneath the village, where you can find a chest containing the TMP and other items. 

While the TMP is a decent weapon, getting it requires you to discard everything in your inventory, which may be counterproductive. Acquiring this secret gun has been tried and tested, so players can try obtaining it for themselves. The game may include the TMP, but the acquisition method might differ.

The Chainsaw Demo

Capcom gave fans a treat when they released the minigame for Resident Evil 4 Remake. The Chainsaw Demo allows players to explore an opening sequence village and fight some of its inhabitants and a motorized saw-wielding Dr. Salvador. This part features Leon’s arrival in the European town, which will culminate in the attack in the Square.

Unlike the previous Resident Evil demos, the Chainsaw game can be played as often as possible. No time restriction is placed for this, so gamers can do infinite tries and hardcore speed runs. This demo certainly fulfills its job of entertaining and distracting fans anxiously waiting for the release of RE4 Remake. 

Resident Evil 4 Remake Release Date

The remake will go live on March 24 and be available on Ps4, Ps5, Xbox, and Windows platforms. The game is one of the most highly anticipated titles coming out this year, even though it is a remake of an older version of the game. However, it has been confirmed that some changes will be introduced to RE4 other than graphic updates. 

There are still a lot of improvements to cover, as Capcom is still trying to improve the rain effects, which some fans have found too distracting. A VR2 version is also under development as well as a free DLC. Players must wait a few more days before re-experiencing this beloved game from the Resident Evil franchise. 

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