Rust – How to Repair Tools

In a hard survival game such as Rust, players need to adapt to their surroundings and try to be very frugal with their resources.

Imagine how many important materials you would lose having to make new tools each time one breaks. That would be a huge loss of time.

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Since resources are scarce and players are very hostile, it would be best to fix your tools rather than make them again.

Luckily, players can easily repair their tools in Rust by using a Repair Bench and 20% of the crafting materials that were used to make that tool.

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How to Craft a Repair Bench in Rust

To build a Repair Bench in Rust, you will first need to craft a Workbench Level 1. You can find this building in the Crafting menu in the Items category.

To craft the Workbench Level 1, you will first need 500 wood, 100 metal fragments, and 50 scraps. Once the new Workbench is built, you can start thinking about making the Repair Bench.

If you want to repair tools, you will now need to craft the Repair Bench. To do this, you will only need 125 metal fragments. Place the bench inside your base, and let’s get started on repairing your tools.

Don’t worry about the location where you will leave the Repair Bench, as you can move it at any time using a hammer.

Repair Bench Locations

If you don’t want to go through the effort of making the vital Repair Bench in your base, you would be happy to know that you can also find some scattered around the map.

Here are some of the named locations where you can find a Repair Bench to fix your tools:

  • Airfield
  • Bandit Camp
  • Launch Site
  • Mining Outpost
  • Outpost
  • Power Plant
  • Train Yard
  • Water Treatment

Players that have a base close to one of these locations can try to find free-to-use benches that don’t need any maintenance.

Still, this would be a short-term solution, and you should always have a Repair Bench in your own base.

To repair tools in Rust, all you need to do is interact with the Repair Bench and place the item you want to repair inside. Just drag the tool into the bench’s slot. Then, press the Repair button to fix your tool.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to repair your tools in Rust if you don’t have the necessary materials to do it. You will need 20% of the materials that you used to make the tool to repair it.

One problem that will also appear once you have repaired your tools is that their maximum durability will lower by 20%. This mechanic exists to make you craft new tools from time to time.

That’s everything you need to know about how to repair tools in Rust!

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