The Last of Us Multiplayer Might Also Come to PS4

Internet sleuths have spotted a new Naughty Dog job advertisement that seems to be hinting at The Last of Us multiplayer game’s PS4 version. Details about the game have been kept tightly under wraps, leaving fans to piece clues like these together.

Why fans think The Last of Us multiplayer is headed to PS4

As spotted by Emo Pulse (via Reddit), the job listing for “Associate Multiplayer Quality Assurance Tester / Development Support” states that Naughty Dog is specifically looking for someone with “working knowledge of PS4 and PS5 systems” to help develop The Last of Us multiplayer.

A PS5-only release makes sense at this point in the console’s life cycle but some players are holding out hope for a last-gen version. We’d advise keeping expectations in check because this job requirement alone doesn’t mean The Last of Us multiplayer is certainly headed to PS4. The game began development during the PS4 era so it’s probably handy hiring someone who’s well-versed in both PS4 and PS5 game development.

Sony recently said that it’s now actively pushing last-gen players to make the jump to PS5. To help with that, the console is now easily available at online and physical retailers around the globe.

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