Legacy of the Moonspell DLC Out Now on iOS and Android Alongside New Update – TouchArcade

Vampire Survivors (Free) on mobile was updated last week with support for cloud saves (Game Center for iOS and Google Play Games for Android), push notification support, an updated options menu, a way to delete save data (tapping the account icon 7 times), and many fixes. I was wondering when the ‘Legacy of the Moonspell’ DLC would arrive on mobile. Today, the DLC has gone live with an update out now on iOS and Android. The DLC is available through the new in-game store. Once you buy it, it restarts the app to check the DLC. If you’ve not played it yet on PC or Xbox, watch the Vampire Survivors ‘Legacy of the Moonspell’ DLC launch trailer below:

The DLC update has just gone live, and the DLC itself is incredible value. Make sure the game is at version 1.3.301 (in the bottom right) and then tap the “DLC Store” button to buy it. If you enjoy the game, it is essential and should be priced at $1 or equivalent when you update the game. If you haven’t played Vampire Survivors yet, read my Steam Deck review of it here, DLC review here, and iOS review here. We featured it as our Game of the Week as well when it launched. You can get Vampire Survivors on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our forum thread here for more discussion and impressions around the port. What do you think of it if you’ve downloaded it already and have been playing it?

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