Readers’ Opinion: Would You Buy a PS5 Pro?

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A new report has claimed that Sony is working on the PS5 Pro, targeting a 2024 release date for the upgraded console. The new system will reportedly be part of a plan to phase out the current PS5 console, which will be replaced with a new model with a detachable disc drive, while the Pro will feature a number of key improvements.

But if a PS5 Pro were to be released, would you be interested in buying it? Let us know in the comments below.

Our opinion

Look, we’re a PlayStation site — of course we’re going to buy a PS5 Pro, regardless of what it offers. With that being said, it’d need to offer some pretty tasty specs for us to be impressed, considering the high price point of Sony’s recently released hardware.

Improved ray-tracing is apparently on the cards, but we aren’t expecting a leap similar to what we saw from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro here. The PS5 is already a very accomplished bit of kit and is in no way outdated, so if the PS5 Pro is to release in late 2024, it will likely just do more of the same but better and more consistently. Still, we’d love to see a PS5 that didn’t make us choose between 30 FPS with great visuals, and 60 FPS with decent visuals, so hopefully the divide between Graphics and Performance modes is further decreased.

You said…

In the last Readers’ Opinion, we asked what other PlayStation series deserved The Last of Us’ HBO treatment.

SwinnyUK agreed with our belief that a Bloodborne series would make for excellent series writing:

Bloodborne, on a different night of the hunt, with a new group of hunters… could be interesting. I’m not sure how it could work, though. The game is open to interpretation, and FromSoft refuses to make any official statements on the lore. A show would most likely require them to either have Miyazaki write it himself in order to protect its integrity, or they’d have to give the canon answer to the story, destroying the game’s lore community in the process. So, I doubt it’ll happen. Although I’d absolutely adore a show that is as dedicated to its mystery as Bloodborne is. You know, there are things about Bloodborne that Miyazaki kept secret even from his staff, haha… you can see why, then, that it isn’t something that just anybody can make.

And on Twitter, @grpeephole303 replied:

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