Rust – How to Remove and Pick Up Your Own Door

Building can be really hard for new Rust players to grasp. There are many things that you can build, there are many blueprints that you have to play around with, and you can only do so many things without some help.

Though there are occasional tips that the game gives during its loading screens, players will usually have to figure out how to do everything themselves.

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A simple task that is kinda hard to figure out without some help is removing and picking up doors.

To remove and pick up your own door in Rust, all you need to do is hold “E” while looking at it and select the “Pick Up” option after removing the lock.

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How to Remove and Pick Up Your Own Door in Rust

One of the main reasons why people have a problem with removing doors in Rust is the need to first remove the lock.

You won’t have the option to pick up the door before removing the lock completely from the door. So, here are all the steps that you need to follow to remove and pick up your own door in Rust:

  1. Approach the door and hold down “E” to open the interact menu.
  2. Unlock the door.
  3. Then, open the interact menu again and remove the lock.
  4. Open the door by tapping “E.”
  5. Hold down “E” while looking at the opened door to pick it up. This will take a second.

Now, the door should be in your inventory and you can now place it elsewhere or just put down a better door in its stead.

You might also want to remove a door if you placed it with the wrong side to the outside. With wooden doors, for example, you can visually see which part is more resistant to damage.

If you place the weaker side on the outside of the base, then you can easily follow the steps from above to remove it and place it the right way.

Why Can’t I Remove a Door in Rust?

The main reason why you can’t pick up or remove a door in Rust is that you either haven’t removed the lock first, or you forgot to open the door.

These two steps are the only two that actually matter. If you managed to remove the lock and open the door afterward, then removing the door should be just the press of a button.

Also, you can’t remove or pick up other people’s doors. If you want to take down someone else’s door, you will need to destroy it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to remove and pick up your own door in Rust!

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