Rust – What Happens in a Server Wipe: How to Find Just-Wiped Servers

Survival games have started standardizing server wipes all across the board. Rust is no exception to this. Veteran players actually find the wipes one of the main enjoyments in Rust.

However, some players might be confused as to what we refer to when we talk about these server wipes. You might think that it means to delete everything on the server and you would be very close to the truth.

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When a server gets a wipe in Rust it means that all the player buildings, loot, weapons, armor, and everything they obtained during their playthrough gets deleted.

But, there are three types of wipes in Rust. And, luckily, you can usually tell when a server wipe is going to happen or if it’s going to impact your progress too much.

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What Happens in a Server Wipe in Rust

There are three types of server wipes in Rust:

  • Map wipe
  • Blueprint wipe
  • Server wipe

The most common of the bunch is the map wipes, where admins clean the map of the server out. This means that all the player buildings will get removed from the map.

Also, stuff like inventory and loot gets erased, and the map often times changes, as named locations move around. However, players will get to keep their blueprints. Almost all official servers do weekly, biweekly, or monthly map wipes.

Blueprint wipes rarely happen since that would mean just getting rid of the blueprints of players and nothing else.

Usually, when admins want to remove blueprints or the game gets a new, big update, then there will be a server wipe. A server wipe is just a combination of the map and blueprint wipes.

If you are inside a server when the wipe starts, you will just get kicked out, along with everyone else. Of course, you will probably lose everything you had and were planning on doing.

Since server and blueprint wipes almost never happen, and that the official servers do map wipes very often, we will refer to map wipes as server wipes for the rest of the guide and server wipes as BP wipes.

What is the Point of Server Wipes in Rust?

You might wonder why server wipes happen and why fans keep playing even if they are constantly losing their progress.

When you first start playing the game, it might seem impossible to build an amazing base and get powerful guns in just a week. However, most established clans can get fully upgraded bases in just a few hours after a server wipe.

If there weren’t any server wipes, every server that you would join would be full of veterans. These players would have all the best guns while you have nothing. Now, with the help of the occasional wipes, you actually get a chance to fight the other players and build a nice base.

Is There a Way to Know When a Server Wipes?

Facepunch Studios and the other server owners have scheduled most of the official Rust servers to have their wipes on Thursdays. If the server is set to weekly, biweekly, or monthly wipes, then you can usually figure out how long until a server wipe happens by looking at the age of a server.

You will usually see the age of a server and how often it does server wipes in the server list. You will find this list by selecting to Play Game in the main menu. It will be right under the title of the server, and it will look something like this: Map / X days old / Server wipe frequency.

By doing a quick calculation, you should usually be able to figure out how long it will be until the next server wipe. If a server is 6 days old and it is tagged as a Weekly wipe server, then you only have a few hours left until the wipe. You won’t ever see a weekly server reach 7 days old.

Community servers will also usually have their wipe day mentioned in their description. So, just click on the server and read what the admins have to say.

Also, there are a lot of communities that provide servers and they often have Discord servers. On these Discord servers, they usually offer information regarding server wipes.

However, if you want to see the exact time when a server wipe will happen in Rust, you can use Just-Wiped list of upcoming wipes. On this website, you can see the exact time when servers will get their next wipe.

How to Find Servers That Were Just Wiped in Rust

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to order the servers in Rust by their age. That would be the easiest way to find servers that have just been wiped.

However, since we know that most official servers get their wipes on Thursdays, you should be able to find at least a few servers on those days that were just wiped.

You can tell by checking the age of the servers and seeing that they are a few hours old. Otherwise, you can use the Just-Wiped website again to check their Recent Wipes list.

That’s everything you need to know about how to open the map in Rust!

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