Destiny 2, Horizon Forbidden West Actor Lance Reddick Dies At 60

Lance Reddick, perhaps best known for his role in HBO’s “The Wire” has died. He was 60 years old. 

At the time of this writing, the cause of death is unknown but according to TMZ, “law enforcement sources say it appears to be natural.” Deadline was also able to confirm, through the actor’s public relations representative, that Reddick has died.

Beyond “The Wire,” Reddick also had roles in other shows like “Fringe,” “Lost,” “Bosch,” and even last year’s “Resident Evil” series on Netflix. His movie credits include the “John Wick” franchise (he was promoting the latest, “John Wick 4,” which hits theaters soon, just this week), “Godzilla Vs. Kong,” and more. 

On the video game side of things, you might recognize him as the voice actor behind Destiny 2’s Zavala. He also provided his voice and likeness to Sylens in PlayStation’s Horizon series and Martin Hatch in Remedy’s Quantum Break. 

[Source: TMZ, Deadline]

The staff at Game Informer extends their condolences to Reddick’s family. 

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