Marvel Snap: Best Kang Decks

Kang is one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe, having full control over time travel. In Marvel Snap, he is a 5-cost, 0-power card with a mind-boggling effect. When Kang is revealed, you get to see what your opponent did before restarting the turn without him. He is a Series 5 card, making him difficult to attain, with a cost of 6,000 Collector Tokens from the shop. Given his game-changing effect, here are some of the best Marvel Snap decks for Kang the Conqueror.

Best Marvel Snap decks for Kang the Conqueror

Kang’s Lockjaw-Thanos Deck

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Lockjaw and Thanos has always been a powerful combo. Thanos shuffles one-cost Infinity Stones into your deck, which can be swapped into your deck by Lockjaw or more powerful cards.

This deck features Sunspot and Quinjet as one-cost cards. Quinjet discounts all the Infinity Stones to zero energy, while Sunspot converts any excess energy into power.

Killmonger, Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Leech form the disruptive part of this deck. Killmonger clears the board of one-cost cards, including any Infinity Stones we do not want in play. Cosmo stops any On-Reveal abilities from happening at his location, while Leech removes the abilities of all cards in the opponent’s hand. Together, they prevent the opponent from advancing their gameplan and activating their cards’ effects. Shang-Chi is an excellent inclusion to destroy 9-plus power cards the opponent has in play.

She-Hulk and Chavez are great endgame plays if we do not have a Thanos in hand, and are great when pulled from our deck by Lockjaw. She-Hulk can also be played as early as turn four, if we have not used any energy the prior turn.

Aero, easily the best card in the game, rounds this deck out. She moves opponent cards played that turn to her location, letting you dictate where the opponent puts their power. Kang lets you determine where to play your Aeros and Shang-Chis on the final turns of the game. He also tells you what Lockjaw will send out of our deck, and what plays the opponent will make. Kang makes the disruptive core of this deck much stronger.

Kang Galactus Deck

Marvel Snap Best Decks Kang Deck 2

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This deck plays Galactus as our main win condition. Galactus is a 6-cost, 2-power card that destroys all other locations if he is alone at the location he is played. As a result, we can destroy the locations the opponent is winning, and turn the tide in our favor. Kang lets us determine a safe location to play Galactus at, depending on what the opponent does. We can play around a Cosmo or Aero because of the information we have.

In order to play Galactus as quickly as possible, we have Psylocke and Electro in our deck. Pyslocke grants us an extra energy on the following turn, and Electro gives us an extra energy every turn, with the downside that we can only play a single card a turn. We also play Wave, who changes the cost of all cards to four energy the following turn. Consequently, we can put Galactus in play as early as turn 4.

Since we produce so much energy in this deck, She-Hulk and Sunspot are vital to capitalize on the excess. Sunspot soaks up unused energy, while She-Hulk become cheaper for energy not used the last turn. Shang-Chi is a key disruptive tool to destroy any high-power cards our opponent plays.

Since Galactus’s On Reveal effect leaves one location in play, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin are great inclusions. We can send these negative power cards over to our opponent’s side, leaving them with less space to play out their card, while maintaining out own space.

Knull and Death are devastating cards to play post-Galactus. When Galactus destroys the other locations, he destroys the cards at those locations too. Knull gains the power of all destroyed cards in the match, easily having 20+ power at the end of the game. Death becomes cheaper for every card destroyed, meaning that we oftentimes have a 0-cost, 12-power card to play at the end of the game.

Kang Disruption Deck

Marvel Snap Best Decks Kang Deck 3

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This deck takes advantage of Kang and Daredevil’s predictive abilities to control our opponents’ plays. Daredevil shows us the cards our opponent plays before we play our own cards, while Kang can be played on turn 6 to see our opponents’ plays on the last two turns of the game.

We can use the information we get from Kang and Daredevil to play our Professor X, Gamora, and Hobgoblin accordingly. Professor X lock downs the location he is played at, preventing cards from being added or removed from that location. On the other hand, Hogoblin moves to the opponent side with -8 power, reducing the amount of space the opponent has and giving them a huge power reduction. These cards can singlehandedly win a location on turn 5.

  • Gamora is another solid addition. She gains 5 power when the opponent plays a card at the same location she is played.
  • Iceman is a utility 1-cost card that makes an opponent card cost one more energy, and Shang-Chi is great for removing enemy threats.

Storm floods a location, meaning that cards can only be played for one more turn at that location. In combination with Juggernaut, she too can win a location, as Juggernaut moves any cards the opponent plays at the flooded location elsewhere. Spider-Man performs a similar function, preventing the opponent from playing cards at a location on the following turn, preventing enemy combos.

Aero is great just to move cards where we wish in order to win a location or disrupt the opponent.

Finally, America Chavez gives us a guaranteed 9-power, turn 6 play if we need one.

These are just some of the best Marvel Snap decks that you can build with Kang. Feel free to experiment and see what other combos you can discover with everyone’s favorite time-traveler.

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