Rust – How to Get Diesel Fuel

There are two types of fuel in Rust that you can use for various machines, cars, and buildings: low grade fuel and diesel fuel.

The latter is relatively rare and can only be found in specific locations on the map. Luckily, you won’t need diesel fuel for minor things.

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Diesel fuel will mostly be useful when you want to use some of the advanced machinery that is placed in named locations.

To get diesel fuel in Rust, you either need to buy it in exchange for low fuel or find it at one of the monuments.

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How to Get Diesel Fuel in Rust

There are two ways to get your hands on diesel fuel in Rust:

Where to Find Diesel Fuel in Rust

Players can find and get diesel fuel in Rust by going to one of these monuments:

  • Airfield
  • Dome
  • Junkyard
  • Military Tunnel
  • Power Plant
  • Small/Large Oil Rig
  • Water Treatment

In each one of these named locations, you should be able to find at least two diesel fuel barrels. They usually stand out, as they are the only black, nicely painted barrels in the game.

Depending on which location you go to, you can either get diesel fuel easily or very hard. Usually, the locations that have the largest amount of diesel fuel are the Junkyard and the Oil Rigs.

There usually aren’t more than 4 diesel fuels spawned at the same time at a monument, and those two are the only places where you might find so many barrels.

However, the difficulty to obtain the diesel fuel should also be considered. Oil Rigs are usually full of hostile NPCs.

This is why the best location in the game to loot diesel fuel is the Junkyard. There are no hostile NPCs and many places to take cover if you bump into other players.

However, if you have a minicopter, the Dome might also be an extremely good diesel fuel source, as all the barrels spawn in the upper parts of the monument.

You can just fly up there, pick up the barrels, and go. Though players will usually only find around two barrels on top of the Dome.

Where to Buy Diesel Fuel in Rust

The Resource Exchange vendor in the Outpost is the only place where you might buy diesel fuel in Rust.

To receive one barrel of diesel fuel from the Resource Exchange, you will need to trade 300 low grade fuel. Unfortunately, this is not an incredible trade deal.

Diesel fuel will only be useful if you are constantly using a quarry, excavator, or pump jack. Low grade fuel will have much more uses, and 300 for a single barrel is a steal.

Some might think that they could try to trick the system by using the pump jack to get low grade fuel and then sell it to get diesel fuel.

However, the amount of diesel fuel you have to use for the pump jack to get 300 low grade fuel is much more than the one barrel you will get in exchange. A single diesel fuel barrel will get you around 150 to 200 low grade fuel from the pump jack.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get diesel fuel in Rust!

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