6 Epic Minecraft Dock Design Ideas

Dock is a great place to moor your boat in Minecraft.

Besides decoration purposes, you can use the dock as a storage room where you can put multiple barrels and chests around.

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In this article, let’s look at the best 6 Minecraft dock design ideas!

Here we’ll cover the most basic dock design to advanced ones, including brick, taiga, stone, and desert dock. With hundreds of materials in Minecraft, the building possibility is unlimited. So, feel free to try different materials and see which fits best.

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6 Epic Minecraft Dock Design Ideas

Building a dock in Minecraft is a somewhat challenging task since, most of the time, you have to build while swimming. That said, learning how to swim in Minecraft is a great advantage.

1. Basic Wooden Dock

Materials: Oak Logs, Spruce Slabs, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Fences, Spruce Signs, an Andesite Wall, and Lanterns.

Let’s start off the list with a basic Minecraft dock design idea.

By mainly using wooden materials, you can replica this build quite early in the game. You only need a stone axe and a few spruce trees.

Moreover, try mixing and rotating different blocks, including slabs, stairs, and trapdoors, to put more details on the dock’s floor.

2. Advanced Dock

Materials: Stone Bricks, Cobblestone Walls, Spruce Slabs, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Signs, Spruce Fences, Spruce Fence Gates, Spruce Logs, Lanterns, and a Boat with a Chest.

This dock design best fits any temple or mysterious structure in the middle of the lake or river.

Although the design is complex, the materials are still easy to gather. You just need to chop some spruce trees and mine some stone blocks underground.

Plus, the build is entirely symmetrical, potentially saving you some more building time.

3. Desert Dock

Materials: Cut Sandstones, Chiseled Sandstones, Sandstone Walls, Jungle Logs, Jungle Stairs, Jungle Slabs, Jungle Fence Gates, Jungle Fences, Jungle Trapdoors, Lanterns, Barrels, and Flower Pots with Cactus.

Inspired by Twigishs, we have this deserted yet attractive Minecraft dock design idea.

Even though it’s tiny, you can park up to ten boats. Plus, you can easily get on the dock with the slabs on either side.

The only difficulty of this design is finding jungle wood, which can be challenging since the jungle biome can spawn far away from the world’s spawn. However, you could use spruce or dark oak, which still looks good.

4. Simple Taiga Dock

Materials: Spruce Fences, Spruce Fence Gates, Unlit Campfires, Flower Pots with Dead Bushes, Lanterns, and Barrels.

Next, we have a simple dock for anyone who loves the atmosphere of the old taiga biome.

With only three main blocks (spruce fences, fence gates, and unlit campfires), you can build a reinforced but simple Minecraft dock within a few minutes.

For more inspiration, you could put some barrels around the dock and create a small campfire place in the forest. Now let’s sail the boat to find a new land!

5. Stone Cliff Dock

Materials: Oak Logs, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Signs, Ladders, Unlit Campfires, Lanterns, Anvils, Stone Buttons, and some Boats with Chests.

We’re sure you already know how to make a nice Minecraft dock with some oak pillars and unlit campfires. But did you know that anvils can be used as a fence in the dock area?

You can put signs, buttons, and mixing blocks together to bring the dock design idea to the next level. Next, place some ladders on the wooden pillar so the adventurers can easily get up.

Finally, you can alternate this build and combine it with a cave entrance to create a mysterious pirate treasure cave.

6. Brick Dock

Materials: Bricks, Terracottas, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Fence Gates, Spruce Fences, Spruce Trapdoors, Lanterns, Barrels, a Cauldron, and other decorations.

Here’s another Twigishs Minecraft dock design idea to finish the topic.

This design is eye-catching due to the contrast between the dark spruce wood and the bright red color of the bricks and terracotta.

As always, you can put barrels around to store items, a cauldron to keep clean water and plant some wheat on the shore for a backup food source.

Those are the 6 best Minecraft dock design ideas!

What’s your favorite idea? Let us know in the comment below.

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