Here’s what you need to know about PUBG’s 2023 roadmap

Krafton has outlined its 2023 PUBG roadmap.

Appending the usual disclaimer that future plans are always subject to change, the team then detailed what’s new for “in-game, out-game, and anti-cheat features”.

“Before we unveil the roadmap, we would like to thank each and every one of you for the 6th Anniversary of PUBG,” the team said via a forum post.

Patch Report – Update 22.2 | PUBG EU.

“While it is truly mind-blowing that 6 years have already passed, we believe that everything we’ve accomplished over the years is all thanks to the generous support and feedback from our players. Seeing all of you enjoy PUBG has always been the biggest driving force for us to keep moving forward.”

The update kicks off with the news that the team will “review our journey and re-examine the features that were developed in our early days”, particularly as “players, trends, and playstyles” have changed since PUBG launched six years ago.

Confirming that most of us stick to the tutorial, normal match, ranked, and “other modes with different in-game rules” modes, the team says that this is where the “revamp” will commence, along with the introduction of a “seamless connection” so that players can “transition smoothly from tutorial to normal match to ranked and other modes”.

“Our focus for this year will be specifically on Normal Match,” the team explains. “To ensure that PUBG stands the test of time, we believe that Normal Matches must offer a healthy and immersive experience. If we enable players to fully experience the core gameplay of PUBG in Normal Matches, they will be more likely to engage in continuous gameplay and seek out a wider variety of experiences.”

Consequently, the team wants to “reduce stress and increase enjoyment overall”, and plans to “reduce the tedious early phase and ultimately shorten the playtime to increase the pace” by improving item, Blue Zone, and vehicle spawn rates.

We should also expect a new revive system, too. “Distinct from Comeback BR”, the new system will “alleviate the frustration and burden of dying after a long farming time”.

The developers will also ensure that all existing 8km maps will now be available in Ranked mode, with new ones added once the system has been stabilised. You’ll also soon find Normal Match items like Blue Zone Grenade, Folded Shield, and Emergency Pickup popping up in Ranked, too, although don’t expect to see the new revive system or self-AED at time soon.

For more – including esports and gunplay changes – head on over to the official website, where you’ll also be able to read about new map, codenamed Neon, and how PUBG wants to make it easier to quickly find and join matches.

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ next update, 22.2, is out now for PC players, whilst those fighting for a chicken dinner on consoles have to wait until 23rd March.

As well as the usual QoL buffs and weapon balancing – it’s the turn of the AUG, M16AF, Mk47, Mutant, and P90 to get rebalancing tweaks this time around – you’ll also find new items celebrating the game’s sixth anniversary plus new care package weapon, the FAMAS.

Intense Battle Royale is also back, introducing a new way to play for those that prefer quicker, more intense matches.

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