Rust – What to Do at Night

A lot of Rust players complain that the nights are too dark and that there is nothing that they can do during this long time.

However, that just means they haven’t figured out how many tasks are still viable during nighttime when you can’t see anything.

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Some of the things that you can do at night in Rust are farm trees, loot monuments, mass craft, and recycle.

Though nighttime might be scary in Rust, this is the best time for long hauls and menial tasks that would usually be boring and annoying.

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What to Do at Night in Rust

There are a lot of things players can do at night in Rust if they want to be productive. Since it can be hard to figure out what’s best to do, we have compiled a list of tasks that you can go through every night:

Farm Trees

Farming can be a tedious and annoying endeavor, as you often get killed while carrying thousands of resources back to camp.

However, if your only purpose is going out and farming trees, then you have nothing to lose. Just leave everything back at the base, including clothes, and go find some trees to cut down.

Since you can easily see their shapes in the dark, just approach them and start hitting them until they collapse. Rinse and repeat until you have a huge amount of wood.

Craft Items and Expand Your Base

The nighttime in Rust is usually one of the best moments to concentrate on your base for once. Since there isn’t much light outside, you can spend time inside, taking care of some of the tasks that you have put off.

Craft items that usually take a longer time to make, such as walls, armor, and guns. This is the perfect time for crafting.

You can also start working on expanding your base. Of course, you will need some type of lighting from a friend or campfire to actually see what you are doing, but not many people will attack you during the night.

During this time, you can also organize and clean up your base a bit. If you hold every last piece of equipment in the same chest, then you will likely lose it all at the first raid you lose.

Loot Monuments

Since players don’t really leave their houses during nighttime, going over to a monument to loot would actually be a relatively safe task.

You can also use your blue or green cards to start exploring the deeper parts of the named locations and get a lot of loot that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Of course, make sure to go to these locations naked, as you wouldn’t want to risk losing actual important loot on a night monument run.


Have you been putting off recycling old workbenches due to the recyclers being so far away? Well, luckily, nighttime is the best time to recycle.

Get all your useless machinery and components and head over to the Outpost, or any other recycler location, to get some raw materials.

Since you just got rid of useless items in your inventory, it won’t even matter if you stumble into somebody on the way back. As always, make sure to head there naked with only the necessary items in your inventory.

Go Shopping

Since we just mentioned going to the Outpost to recycle, might as well go to do some shopping. There are many resources that you can get from the Outpost, and all you need are scraps.

Go do some shopping and maybe even stop to gamble for a bit. Since you can generally get home safely at night from any location if you don’t use a torch, you should be able to get anything you want from named locations like the Outpost and Bandit Camp.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do at night in Rust!

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