Sony X95K Deal Provides Huge Discount on 65-inch 4K TV

Sony has revealed a huge discount on its X95K 4K model, providing 36% off the 65-inch TV that reduces its price by a whopping $1,000.

The deal on the TV follows a slew of similar offers provided by the company, with the X95K boasting many PS5-exclusive features that makes it the ideal purchase for PlayStation gamers.

Get the Sony X95K for 36% off with this deal

You can buy the Sony X95K via Amazon right here.

The TV boasts a number of gaming-specific advantages, such as a 120hz refresh rate for seamlessly smooth gameplay, input lag as low as 8.5ms, and exclusive features for the PS5 such as Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Switch to ensure the correct picture mode is displayed when playing games or watching movies.

With 4K/120 you’ll be able to achieve 120 FPS on compatible games, while Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) ensures you won’t face screen tearing or stuttering.

It’s a Mini LED TV, too, meaning that it’s an improved version of your conventional LCD screen, providing better backlighting which also ensures a greater image quality. As such, no matter if you’re playing the latest PS5 game, streaming a new release on Netflix, or you’re watching TV.

The deal is limited-time only, so make sure you pick it up while stocks last.

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