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Diablo 4 is the latest iteration of the popular action role-playing game (ARPG) from Activision-Blizzard. Set in the world of Sanctuary, your heroes will need to battle a new threat in the form of Lilith, the Mother of Demons. With classes such as the Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid, you’ll face countless hordes, learn numerous abilities, partake in various activities, and earn lots of legendary loot. Here’s our Diablo 4 guides hub to help you with everything you need to know to survive this ravaged world.

Diablo 4 guides hub

We’ve divided our Diablo 4 guides hub into several sections depending on game mechanics, features, and recent developments.

The beta and the basics

Open beta dates and early access – Here’s how you can play Diablo 4 early.

Connection issues and queue times – Be forewarned that there might be a few problems that you could encounter.

Kyovashad city hub – Kyovashad is the capital of the Fractured Peaks region, and it’s your first main hub during the first act.

How to respec skills – You don’t need to worry about skill points as you progress since you’ll be able to reset or reallocate points when you want.

How to increase World Tiers – You can increase the difficulty mode for extra rewards.

How to create and join Clans – Diablo 4 is an online game, which means it’s possible to spot various players that are also exploring. Still, you can join a guild if you need backup.

Transmog system and dyes/pigments – It’s possible to change the looks and designs of your equipped items.

Murmuring Obols and Whispering Keys – As you gather Murmuring Obols, you’ll be able to exchange the currency for random gear pieces and Whispering Keys.

Altar Of Lilith Statues – Here’s every Altar of Lilith Statue in the Diablo 4 world to help you unlock permanent boosts for your character.

Class guides

Class hub – One of our Diablo 4 guides takes a look at what each class brings to the table as far as their abilities and mechanics are concerned.

Necromancer and Druid availability – You’ll soon have a chance to pick these two hero classes.

Sorcerer – Harness the power of fire, ice, and lightning to lay waste to your foes.

Barbarian – Shout, sunder, and strike enemies as you get into the thick of the fray.

Rogue – Use melee and ranged weapons, active stealth, and imbue attacks with poison, shadow, and cold.

Our Diablo 4 guides are based on the beta, which runs from March 17 to 20, and March 24 to 27. The game itself will officially launch on June 6.

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