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Tchia casts players as the titular character as she explores fictional islands inspired by the real-life island group of New Caledonia, offering hours and hours of laid-back exploration and creative gameplay mechanics. Though there’s a lot to do, you don’t necessarily have to engage with all of it, so your time spent in Tchia’s world will vary pretty greatly based on how much time you want to invest. If you’re wondering what to expect before diving in, we’ll give you an idea of how long you’ll spend with Tchia.

How long is Tchia?

An average playthrough of Tchia should take around 10-12 hours, which includes seeing the main story through and doing some casual exploration for additional items. However, completing the core adventure ignores a lot of what makes Tchia such an intriguing experience, as this open-world game is very much designed to be explored thoroughly and mined for its various collectibles and challenges.

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If you’re looking to get 100% completion in Tchia–which also will net you all of the trophies and achievements–you can expect to spend somewhere between 15-20 hours with the game. This includes things like tracking down well over a hundred collectibles in the open world and completing all of the rock-stacking challenges, races, and shooting galleries. Doing so can feel a bit tedious at times due to the game’s limited fast travel points, but the relaxing atmosphere and chill gameplay loop help make up for it somewhat.

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