Rust – How to Water Plants

Being a farmer in Rust can be a very attractive way to play the game, but it has a lot of learning steps.

One of the first problems you are likely to bump into is the need for water from the plants. There is no clear explanation on how to give them water, and it isn’t like it rains too often in this game.

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The most obvious choice would be to fill something with water and just pour the water onto the plants.

There are two ways to water your plants in Rust: fill a water jug and pour it over the plants or use a sprinkler.

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How to Water Plants in Rust

If you are just getting started and have made your first ever farm in Rust, then the best way for now to water your plants would be with a water jug.

There are three tools you can use to carry water to your plants, the bucket, the bottle, and the jug, but the jug has 3k more ml capacity than the bucket and can also be placed in the inventory while water is in it.

If you get water with a bucket and then place the bucket in your inventory, the water will disappear. Also, we don’t talk about the water bottle since it has an incredibly low capacity for water.

If you want to get your hands on a water jug in Rust, you can start looking in locations where you can usually find ration boxes or food crates. There are usually a lot of ration boxes in the Abandoned Supermarket monument.

Otherwise, you can buy one or more for 5 scrap at the Food Market vendor in the Bandit Camp monument.

How to Use a Water Jug/Jerry Can in Rust

To fill up your water jug in Rust, you will need to head over to a body of water and right-click when you see the drink option appear on your screen. Do this until it is full.

If you are using a water catcher, just interact with it, select the jug in your inventory, and drag the water from the catcher into your water jug.

Now, to water your plants in Rust, you will have to approach the garden and right-click to start pouring water over them. If you have less than 1k ml in the jug, you won’t be able to pour anything out.

In that situation, just move the water from the jug to a water bottle and pour it out from there. Just select the water jug in the inventory and drag the water from the “Contains” space onto the water bottle.

You can pour water from a water bottle or bucket using the same button as with the jar. Again, you will need to have a minimum amount of water in them before being able to pour.

Since the water bottle has the lowest capacity, it also has the lowest minimum requirement for water pouring.

To get the plants in a planter to 100% water, you will need to give them something around 5k to 7k ml of water. This means that you will either have to pour a full jerry can of water over them or use other watering methods.

How to Water Plants Using Sprinklers in Rust

In general, it would be good advice to not use sprinklers if you don’t have your base next to a water source.

If you want to give your plants water using water collectors, then you will need a lot of them to constantly take care of the planters.

The best way to go if you want to make an incredible indoor farm is to settle close to a river. The only problem with this is that you might also need a pump to get the water to go upward toward the sprinklers.

If you use water collectors, you could place them on your roof and just set them up to directly pour water into the sprinklers.

That’s everything you need to know about how to water plants in Rust!

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