Rust – What to Do With Bone Fragments?

Life in Rust can be very gruesome as you hunt to survive every day. Every time you skin an animal (or a player), you find yourself with an endless supply of bone fragments.

Most resources in Rust have a lot of uses, and that is why you probably collect all the items you can find. This is also why you probably have a large collection of bone fragments that are just sitting there.

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Well, bone fragments don’t have a lot of practical uses. They are mostly used to craft items that can be good when you don’t have much.

All the things that you can craft using bone fragments in Rust are arrows, clubs, knives, armor, and a xylophone.

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What to Do with Bone Fragments in Rust

There aren’t a lot of things you can do with bone fragments in Rust. Mostly, you can just craft a few items. Depending on the circumstances, these items can be very useful.

Bone Armor

First of all, you can craft bone armor and a bone helmet. The bone armor is a really good piece in the early game as it is easy to make and will provide a lot of cover for one slot.

Combining it with a riot or bucket helmet and a bandana will also offer you enough radiation protection to explore places such as the Dome or Airfield. It will also help you get rid of the heat problem in desert biomes.

To make bone armor, you just need 70 bone fragments and 15 cloth. You should be able to get these resources by just hunting one or two boars.

Unfortunately, the bone helmet isn’t as useful as the bone armor, as you would be better off using any other helmet. It is also very tall and will make you stand out.

Bone Weapons

The next useful things that you can make with bone fragments in Rust are weapons. You can make a bone club and knife.

The bone club costs 20 bone fragments, and it is a good starting tool and weapon. On crowded servers where there are a lot of spawn beach killings, a bone club will allow you to win.

It is also better at getting stone and wood than the normal stone boulder, so it’s good to use it to get the real starting tools in Rust.

The knife costs 30 bone fragments, and its best use is for skinning animals and humans. If you want, you can also slowly break down walls in bases with it.

It is a decent weapon that can help you in the beginning when you go hunting and don’t have a real knife.

Bone Arrows

Most players have a harder time finding stone rather than wood and bone fragments. This is why the bone arrows are a great ammo source for hunters.

You just need 25 wood and 10 bone fragments to make 3 bone arrows. If you don’t want to waste stone and need it to build your base (or maintain it), you can make bone arrows to start fighting the dangers in Rust.

They deal less damage than stone arrows, but they have higher accuracy. So, using these arrows, you can hit more often, but you will deal less damage overall.

Bone Xylophone

The last thing you can make with bone fragments in Rust is the Xylobone. This is a xylophone made out of bones.

If you want to have fun at your base and need a cheap musical instrument, the Xylobone is the instrument you were looking for. You only need 50 bone fragments and a workbench level 1 to make it.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with bone fragments in Rust!

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