Rust – How to Make Gun Powder

One of the most important parts of Rust is the PVP. Even if you want to or not, you will end up fighting other players every time you open the game.

Defeating your opponents with spears and swords is a way to go, but the best method of fighting in Rust is with a gun.

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Guns have a high chance of instantly killing your enemies and have a long range of attack, allowing you to defend your base and even attack others with no repercussions.

To use guns, you will need gun powder. To make gun powder in Rust, you will need to combine sulfur and charcoal in front of a level 1 workbench.

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How to Make Gun Powder in Rust

So, to craft gun powder in Rust, you will need sulfur and charcoal. You will need exactly 20 sulfur and 30 charcoal to start a gun powder crafting order.

However, each time you finish a gun powder crafting order, you actually get 10 gun powder. This means that, in theory, you get 1 gun powder for 2 sulfur and 3 charcoal.

Unfortunately, you can only craft in batches, so you will always need 20 sulfur and 30 charcoal. To get pure sulfur in Rust, you will need to craft a furnace and place sulfur ore inside of it. Once you burn down the sulfur ore in the furnace, you will have pure sulfur.

You also get charcoal from the furnace every time something burns, so you will usually have excess charcoal from refining all the ores in the game.

Also, if you have a mixing table, you will only need 20 sulfur and 20 charcoal to craft 10 gun powder.

So, it can be a relatively long chore trying to constantly craft gun powder in Rust. Luckily, there are also ways you can get it without having to make it:

How to Get Gun Powder in Rust Without Crafting It

There are two ways to get gun powder in Rust without making it:

If you spend a lot of time near mineshafts, you can loot gun powder from the various mine carts that you can see around there.

Though the chance of finding gun powder inside isn’t extremely high, you will usually find some if you keep checking every time they respawn.

However, the best way to get gun powder in Rust without crafting it is by buying smoke grenades from the Extra 1 vending machine at the Outpost and recycling it.

A single smoke grenade only costs 5 scrap, which is an irrelevant amount, and will reward you with 18 gun powder and 25 metal fragments.

This means that 1 piece of scrap in the Outpost can get you around 4 gun powder and 5 metal fragments. This is an incredible deal that will set you up with a lot of gun powder without any of the effort.

If the Bandit Camp is also incredibly close, you can start selling the metal fragments for scrap and then come back to repeat the process. You will only need 20 metal fragments to get 1 scrap.

This process can be less time-consuming than farming sulfur ore and wood, then waiting for the furnace to do its job, and only then to start crafting gun powder.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make gun powder in Rust!

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