Can you rescue the dog in Resident Evil 4 remake?

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One of the most pressing questions that fans of Resident Evil 4 have for the new remake pertains the famous dog. In the original, Leon S. Kennedy could rescue a dog from a bear trap, who would then reappear later on to help him in a fight. But fear struck fans at the thought of the remake not including this moment. Can you actually rescue this same dog in Resident Evil 4 remake? We have an answer for you.

Is the dog in Resident Evil 4 remake?

Although the demo that was released for the remake didn’t include this scene, if you play the full game, you will eventually find the alive dog stuck in the bear trap. Capcom didn’t want to reveal the answer until the full game was released, so now it’s confirmed. As soon as Chapter Three begins, Leon stumbles upon a large white dog with its leg stuck in a bear trap. Just like the original, you have the option of freeing it. But upon being free, the dog quickly runs off.

Can You Rescue Dog Resident Evil 4 Remake Trap

Screenshot by PC Invasion

That isn’t the last time you’ll see this dog. A little later into the game, you’ll come across a giant in a boss fight. After spending some time fighting this huge creature, a cutscene starts with the dog coming to help you out. If you decide not to save this dog though, this scene won’t happen. So make sure to save that dog, as it will bite the leg of the giant and aid you in your battle.

While the scene of rescuing the dog happened a lot earlier in the original, the remake still makes sure to include this iconic moment. It may not be a huge choice-defining scene, but it feels good knowing you rescued a dog, and it rescued you back. Now you know that you can indeed rescue the dog in Resident Evil 4 remake!

Resident Evil 4 remake is available via Steam.

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